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Is Bonding With Fathers Really That Important?

It is natural for a child to be more inclined towards the healing touch of a mother. However, the fact that a child craves the presence of his father cannot be denied. While it is taken for granted that a child shares a bond with the mother, in case of bonding with father it is taken differently. Fathers today try to make efforts to get close to their child and bond well with them right from the time they are born. Whether bonding with fathers is really pivotal or not has always remained an epicentre of discussion. Here we are going to discuss the importance of bonding between a father and a children.

Boosts mental and physical growth

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It is claimed that a bond between the father and a child enhances the physical as well as the mental development of the child imperatively. In comparison to kids with fathers who follow a hands-off approach, the counterparts are known to be more confident as they grow up. They always have this thing in mind that there is this super human being called a father who has his back.

Stress bursting

Spending quality time with kids can really be a stress bursting activity for the fathers. Also, it develops the strong emotional connection that keeps the two connected and hence makes both more confident towards the changing times in life. It is known to be one of the best recreational activities especially for the fathers who are too engrossed earning livelihood for the family.

Keeps a child firm

As a child grows up, it is this bond that he shares with the father that keeps him away from the reach of depression that these days takes over a lot of kids especially in adolescence. Such kids who share a healthy relationship with their fathers are able to handle stress in a better way. Nothing in life has the power to demotivate them or cause stress that they are not capable of handling.

Academic success

The kids who have a good relationship with their fathers are also known to excel in academics. These kids are the ones who excel in each and every subject and at the same time are also active participants in the extracurricular activities that take place in schools and other institutions. Their chances of going astray are comparatively less than those who lack this bond with their fathers. They are less likely to get distracted or indulged in activities that can be detrimental for their future.

All in all, the importance of bonding between a father and a children cannot be ignored. Fathers should make an effort to spend quality time with their kids and capture the good memories. Bonding with the child right from childhood reaps a plethora of advantages for the fathers. Considering all the points mentioned above, the answers is that father and child relationship is very important not only for the father but also for the holistic growth of the child.


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