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Acts of Kindness: Meaningful Gifts for Christmas Everyone Can Afford

Christmas is a season of giving and doing good deeds for others. These acts of kindness must not be reserved only for the festive season, but they are a great time to start. We, as parents, are always looking for meaningful gifts for Christmas and ways to teach our kids about the importance of being a good person and the qualities of being a good human being. I would say that showing them by doing it every day could be a great way to instill the humanitarian values in them. You can teach them that a gift of generosity doesn’t always have to come in the form of a huge amount of money, but it can start with a simple act of kindness.

Like Harold S. Kushner said, Do things for others not because of who they are or what they can give you in return, but because of who you are.”

Here are a few acts of kindness that you can do this Christmas and start spreading the festive cheer.

Smile at Others


Yes, smile. Have you ever noticed how you also smile back when someone smiles at you and your mood instantly cheers up? Well, I have. Irrespective of how my day went at work, the smile that my husband gives me at the end of the day instantly lifts my spirits. Somehow, I know that everything would be okay. Honestly, you would be surprised that this little gesture of smiling at others is even more powerful when it comes from a stranger or an acquaintance. And did we tell you the enormous benefits smiling have on your body? It reduces blood pressure and stress and strengthens your immune system. Wow, isn’t it?

Clean Your Closet for Charity

Okay, so we all are addicted to online shopping. There is no denying in that fact like there is no denying that we all have bought things that we didn’t need and wore them once or twice before moving to the next sparkling thing. So, it is time that you take out that sweater that is a bit tight to wear and those training shoes that you are never going to wear again and donate those to the needy. You can easily search a nearby charitable organization who must have organized the cloth collection drive. Even donating one sweater in winters can save a life.

Feed a Stray

Every day, pets get abandoned by their owners. Some of the lucky ones are picked up by local animal welfare groups and are adopted by new pet parents while some are left roaming the streets, searching for food and shelter every day. You can do a good deed by feeding stray cats or dogs in your neighborhood. If you don’t like pets, you might feel that this good deed isn’t for you, right? But you can buy and donate pet foods to the local animal welfare centre and make sure that strays in your neighborhood don’t go hungry, especially on Christmas.

Help a New Mom

Being a parent you must be aware of how difficult it is to manage everything when a baby is born. Moms everywhere around the world get overwhelmed every day or go through post-partum depression or they are simply looking for a few hours of good sleep. If you know a new mommy in your circle, offer them help by doing a chore for them. It could be the piling laundry or dishes in the sink or simply looking after the newborn while they take a sweet-sweet nap. If you don’t know anyone who has given birth recently, worry not as you would find many moms in-and-around your environment. You can simply help them with their stroller in the park or help them cross the street or handle their groceries or cart while they shop in a supermarket, the ways to help others are endless.

Leave a Tip

Being on your feet all day, working back-to-back shifts, handling some irritating customers, working in the service industry is one of the most grueling jobs one could ever have. While this is one industry where work hours are long and the pay is inversely proportional. While dining out, you can leave a generous tip showing appreciation for their work as well as bringing a smile to their faces. A few rupees can go a long way for someone who is not as blessed as you are.

Donate Blood

And the ultimate gift that you can give to others is the gift of life. If you are aged between 16 to 60 years and have a clearance from your doctor that you are fit to donate blood, go ahead and do so. Your simple act of kindness might save a life!

Say Thank You

We all are working every day to support ourselves and our families. Even though a majority of people might consider this as a duty towards their families, an occasional thank you and a few words of appreciation can help bring perspective to our daily chores. After receiving appreciation not only makes us happier but makes us feel that going through everyday humdrum and stresses of life is ultimately worth it. Appreciating others and being thankful for their services also instils gratitude in your kids.

The Art of Meaningful Gifting

We hope that these meaningful gifts for Christmas would bring happiness to you as well as others. If you have any festive story of giving that you would like to share with us, write away in the comments section!


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