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Tips to take care of newborns in winter

A newborn’s first winter is a critical time and most parents get anxious during this time. If your baby is due in winter or the first winter of your newborn is arriving, and it is an atmosphere of harsh winters where you live, then there are certain things you need to worry about. How will the weather affect your newborn and how should you take care of it?

Here are some tips on how to take care of newborn baby in winter:

1. Wash Your Hands Frequently:

hand wash

Winter means cold, cough, chest congestion and flu. So ensure that you wash your hands often and regularly. Keep a hand sanitizer close-by and do not let anyone touch the new born without using it. It is essential that you do not communicate any germs to the baby.

2. Breastfeed Your Newborn:

Breastfeeding is essential to boost the immunity of newborns. If your baby is born in winters, you have to breastfeed him to avoid the cold and infections. Breastfeed the baby for atleast six months.

3. Follow The Vaccination Schedule:

All newborns have a vaccination schedule. Make sure you do not miss any shot. These vaccinations are important to keep your baby safe from various diseases, especially the ones that may strike in winters.

4. Keep The Room Warm:

Have a warm room temperature in the bedroom where your baby is. Throughout the winter season, ensure the warmth of the room. Close the windows to avoid cold air but do ensure that air circulation is proper and the atmosphere is not suffocating.

5. Make Your Newborn Wear Comfortable And Warm Clothes:

Put your baby in layers of warm clothes. The clothes should not be harsh on the baby’s skin so ensure comfort and warmth. Even if the temperature of the room is warm, having layers means that you can take off pieces of clothing easily depending on how cold it is. Do put socks and mittens on your newborn. That will make him feel quite cozy.

6. Avoid Heavy Blankets For Your Baby:

Do not put your baby under a heavy blanket. Though it might be a pleasant thought for parents to tuck their newborn in heavy blankets during winter, especially if other means of improving room temperature are not available but do not do that. Heavy blankets or pillows may cause Sudden Infant Death syndrome.

7. Massage Your Newborn To Improve Blood Circulation:

You can use olive oil. Almond oil or other mild oils to massage your newborn baby. This will not only improve blood circulation in the newborn but also improve immunity levels. Ensure warmth before beginning with the massage and a massage should preferably be given an hour before bath time.


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