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Checklist on Toddler’s Safety at Home

Are you confident that you have a childproofed your home carefully? Let us discuss that below. But for those who don’t know what childproof home is let me first make you aware of that!

What is a Childproof Home?

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A home which has been planned and designed in such a way that keeps your crawling toddlers or walking softballs safe from any kind of harm. From small things like leaving sharp objects lying around your dining table to the kitchen’s platform trust me your child can do everything to get them. Make sure you have a heightened platform and a dining table where your child cannot reach.

Every room and corner of your house needs to construct such a way that you can be 100% assured of your child’s safety and not cry later for your negligence or mistakes.

How can you childproof your home? Here’s the checklist which I have prepared personally for my children as well. Check them out one by one:

  • Photo frames and lamps: Look out for your glass or wooden photo frames mounted on the walls. Make sure they are placed at a height where your toddlers can reach easily or also by climbing on anything. If they can, they may end up hurting themselves severely. Also, lamps placed near the beds may be fixed so that they don’t fall over your kids and give them any kind of cuts or shocks.
  • Candles, Matchsticks all pose a serious threat: Though your child may not be able to light them up, consuming of licking them can leave deadly of lifetime effects in the body of your kids. And if your child is a grown-up then he/she can light the matchsticks and play with it all around. Indeed, may burn up either themselves or may harm others as well.
  • Scattered toys or things all over the house: Kids can stumble and fall hard over the floor. They can also hurt themselves falling on any nearby glass table or pointed showpiece. Make sure everything is in place and nothing is scattered around. Safety is a better cure then crying later over the mistakes which cannot be undone.

  • Wires and Switches are left open: This is one of the foremost things to keep in mind. You may have bunch of wires hanging out of your home walls which your toddler may be trying pulling out and get an electric shock. Also, broken switches or hanging out socket buttons may harm your kids as they may trying inserting their fingers or hands in it and play with the wires. But in no time, these can leave a severe deadly effect on your children.


  • Bathroom hacks: Don’t leave your bathroom slippery and make sure all your razors, blades, shampoos, oils, soap are out of reach of children. Always keep the gate of your bathroom closed and your toilet seats must be covered so that children don’t harm themselves. Kids must be taught to not go into the bathroom without their parents. Or teach them to use the bathroom only for the particular purpose and not touch anything which is of no use to them.

As they spent most of their time at home, make sure it is well structured and constructed. Like covering windows with grills, closing cupboards and other doors properly, not leaving your dryers or other electronic objects on the dressing and more, for your child’s complete safety.



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