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Importance Of Storytelling To Kids During Night

One of the most common features of almost all the cultures across the globe is reciting bed time stories to the kids. There are definitely a lot of perks to back the popularity of this activity. Here we are with the Importance Of Storytelling To Kids During Night that you ought to know.

Enhances imagination

kids imagination

One of the most noted perks of telling a story to kids during bed time is development of imagination in kids. As you read aloud the fictional stories to the children they tend to develop better imaginative skills which also encourage in them the power to picture the scene being narrated which in turn helps in retaining the information. It is this skills that later helps the child in academics.

Improves cultural know how

One of the important aspects that is associated with the art story telling is that this art is as old as the civilization itself. This implies that the bunch of stories that we narrate to our child are probably those that are grandmother once narrated to us. This attaches to these stories the tinge of legacy that this way is forwarded. This fun activity therefore improves the cultural know how of the child.

Improves parent and child bonding

Apart from all the other benefits, one perks of telling the bed time stories to your child is bonding. It is this time that gives you an opportunity to develop a healthy bonding with your child that boosts understanding as emotional attachment. This is an important step in the development of a positive relationship

Boosts communication skills

While you read aloud to your child the stories during bed time, it not only serves the purpose of making the kid fall asleep but at the same time also improves the communication skills. The child successfully grabs at least two or three new words and retain them to be used in future. This way the child also develops interest in reading the story himself which is surely going to be a great relief for you in future.

Overall, this is the Importance Of Storytelling To Kids During Night that all parents need to take into consideration. It is very important to spend at least half an hour with the child before making him go off to sleep narrating story. It is this little step taken today that is going to help him grow in future.


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