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Indoor Games And Activities For Your Children That Are Both Fun and Educative

With global warming and the biggest vacations being in summers, outdoor sports are not the best way to occupy all of your child’s time in. The trouble is while indoors your child might develop an addiction for mobile or video games. Equally worse is to always force your child to focus on academics. Too much focus on a single field like that can make your child very uni-dimensional.

As for superior alternatives, we bring you a list of indoor games and activities that are both fun and Educative; and that you can consider encouraging your child to take interest in on a long, otherwise boring summer afternoon.:


The game of kings is one of few indoor games that count as actual sports. It is a great way to develop a number of qualities in your child – the presence of mind, solution-oriented thinking, thinking outside the box, patience, how to think clear headedly under pressure, etc. A great mental exercise, it has some challenging new formats which ensure you will never get bored them. Moreover, it is one of the few games playable on mobile that are still worth playing. There are apps that will set your child up against another player from across the world in a few seconds.

2. Scrabbles


Playing scrabbles are a great way you can use to educate and play with your child at the same time. The game will help your child build vocabulary and encouraging him in quick thinking.

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3. Reading

Reading for pleasure is a rare hobby – especially in today’s world of television, mobile games and Netflix; and it is unfortunate. Having reading as a hobby has a number of advantages – it is educative, encourages imagination (especially in reading fiction), builds vocabulary, informative, can inspire critical thinking and is often the road to developing habits of writing – whether it be blogging, stories, books or poems.

4. Arts

You can and should encourage your child to learn and try their hands at different forms of arts – sketching, drawing, painting, singing, playing music, dancing, writing, theatre, etc. The children can learn a number of qualities by exercising arts – most importantly ability to express themselves. Even if you do not have the next Gulzar or Kalidas at your home, you can be sure they will have a better ability to express themselves.

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5. Lego

Lego is a great game to encourage creativity and imagination in your young children. Besides encouraging them to build stuff, you can encourage them to play make stories on the basis of what they have built.

Besides, some of these activities are a great way to spend time with you child (scrabbles, chess, etc.) – another thing we encourage a lot; habits worth preserving for your child’s whole life (Reading, chess, arts) and/or provides good subjects for conversations (arts, reading). However, ensure indoor games and activities don’t come as a compromise to the outdoor time of your child.



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