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Investing in Nature is A Win-Win Situation


Who doesn’t want their children to enjoy nature as much as we do? I made a green choice by investing in their lush green future, have you? Investment doesn’t always calculate to spend money but it encompasses more of our time and efforts. What I as a parent have learned is that we play a vital and thriving role in our child’s life. From fundraising to volunteering for natural experiences, I have always encouraged my child to be an active little environmentalist. Yes, this way I am investing in his green future too!

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I recently came across a very beautiful story of a mother who explained why parents must put a little extra effort into their children.

Amy, a young mother, described how nature provides peace and joy to her three-year-old son. She said that her son’s behavior indoors was very different from what she observed outdoors. She noted that he was more content and at his best when outside. She explained about her commitment made to provide her son with daily interaction with nature and her gratitude that time outdoors had a positive, constant impact on his behavior. She further remarked, “If we go out in the afternoon makes our evenings a lot easier”.

Children have a very special bond towards everything that allures them and makes them feel connected.

I have myself practiced this with my children for a month and love to share with you these 6 special techniques which are the best way to invest for your children’s cheerful tomorrow:

Tip 1: Start practicing yourself – Never throw garbage on roads or anywhere around natural regions. Make sure your children learn the same and don’t litter your houses and roads. Teach them about wet and dry garbage. Keep dry and wet bins separate in your home. My child has now started teaching his schoolmates too. Great, isn’t it!

Tip 2:Turn your balcony green – If you have a garden or a backyard no worries. Turn your balcony’s green. Let your child plant as many posts as you can. Invest in them the habit of planting at least once a week. Take them to open spaces where they can plant their tree. Teaching them about plants and trees are going to stay with them for a lifetime.

Tip 3: Say no to Plastics – Ban using plastics at your home. No plastic forks, spoons, poly bags, and more. This way your child will learn to avoid using plastics and will also encourage others to do so. Go for paper bags or jute ones. Acknowledge them with ill-effects of plastics.

Tip 4: Take them to trek or climbing – Plan a getaway with your kids into the laps of nature. Take them to places that are calm, quiet and peaceful. Let them experience pure joys of nature and grow to enjoy mother nature rather than sitting at home surrounded by toys and things.

 Tips 5: Water, Water everywhere, Not a drop to drink! Such a powerful and deep saying. To save your children from dying thirsty in future, show them important it is to save water now. Close tap while brushing, don’t take showers, etc. you might have read this everywhere. What you shall encourage more is reusing wastewater. The water that we use to wash vegetables can be given to plants. Practice rainwater harvesting and other numerous ways of saving water and invest in a better tomorrow.

Tip 6: Either walk or cycle down to nearby areas – Reduce pollution. This way your child remains active to walk down, run-down or cycle to the nearby areas. They get to breathe in the fresh air and have a festive type environment all day long. Fresh air is bliss, let them have their share.



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