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Think twice before you emotionally blackmail your nuggets

The best trick parents use to get their things done and for various other reasons. A major mistake we parents can ever make to disturb our children’s mentality and hurt them deep down.

My kid once came to me and said mom it is not correct the way you ask me to do things, it hurts me and I don’t like this behaviour. As a parent, we fail to understand the impact of it on children and tend to affect our relationship with them.

Why do we choose to Emotional Blackmail kids?

Emotional Blackmail kids

We think it gives us the control of things and situations in which we most need it. Often, we mistake it as we don’t have other ways to get children to obey us what we want them. They always end up protesting and not listening to what we say. Asking them what to do, why to do and how to do by threatening or controlling them, reduces their capacities to make a decision and act on their own. Which makes them dependent on others and very rebellious in future.

What effect does Blackmailing have on kids?

Leaving children with no choice, it also teaches them to use such strategies against us. In every situation, they will oppose us and use this as a weapon against us. Eventually, which will lead to some dangerous steps taken by them and can prove out to be fatal. It is always said that children’s always practice what they see their parents doing.

Set a good example, as our protection can harm them immensely. Further blackmailing creates resentment among children which they might not be able to express and it grows over time with them. They will also manipulate other children in wrong ways and which may end up in physical harming to others.

Your children might feel burdened by your actions. They might think to run away from you and because of which you will be distant from your child easily. It will tense your bond with your child.

There are various ways which can be practised apart from emotional blackmailing:

  • Don’t just sit and order them. Start doing things with them and accompany them by giving them something positive to imitate.
  • It is more important to discuss things with your nuggets and offer them options to learn and listen to what they have to express and say.
  • Start practising the same what you want them to do. A simple rule ‘Practice what you Preach’.
  • Make them learn the benefits of doing something and how they shall do it.
  • Teach your child to overcome difficulties of life and not run away from them.

Lastly, remember that setting limits and rules infused with love and respect, also with constant and healthy communication, are some of the best tools. This way, you can be sure to not to practice to emotional blackmail and strengthen your bond with your child.


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