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Unhitch Your Child From Hitting Habits

This is the major concern of every other parent nowadays. If not stopped right now, then it may turn into a habitual aggressive behavior and is harmful to them too.

Though, if trained right other than shouting and scolding them, it can be uprooted completely from their life. I never mistook my child’s aggressive behavior to be his misbehavior and this is how I was able to change his life effectively.

The Don’ts you must practice for training your child and putting an end on his/her Hitting Habits:

Don’t Punish your child

Punish your child

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Just keep calm and understand why have they taken such a step. What is their mental process and the things that are bothering them! Children might be facing tantrums elsewhere which leads them to end up hitting others. Cooldown and check on their behavior at other places too.

 Don’t Spank your child

Never in your life make the mistake of hitting your children. This is where they pick it up from. If anyone does mistake or do not work according to you, hitting is the option. Instead, take a deep breath, feel sorry for your child’s mistake and let him/her calm down. Remember by hitting them, you are exactly modelling what they did a few minutes ago.

Don’t force them to feel sorry

A child when he/she hits is already in an aggressive mood. Don’t force them to be sorry for things of which he won’t understand at that point. A child’s mind is in the growing stage. He/she can never differentiate what’s good and what’s not, for themselves. So, never disturb their mind by forcing them. Instead, take steps and train them to differentiate and learn social skills themselves.

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Don’t discourage them

Discouraging many times worsen the situations. A child needs to feel loved, to understand what you are saying. No, I am not saying to encourage their misbehaviors, instead motivate them to perform good actions. Keep on telling your child that he/she can stop hitting and become the best version of self. Encouragement is the best training one can practice with their children.

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Don’t neglect them or stop talking to them for this

When you stop responding or talking to your children, it leaves a negative impact on them. In turn, they will end up being more aggressive and may even start lying for everything to you. This may become their habit and can severely affect their lives. Re-check your behavior first before dealing with your child. Don’t neglect and be there for teaching and making them learn about life.

Train yourself and be the change that you want to see in your child too!


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