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How To Avoid Dehydration In A Kid?

Water is one of the most vital components without which it is literally very difficult to survive. Shortage of water in the body can give rise to a lot of problems, especially among children. Dehydration among children is one of the most common concerns that almost all the parents are facing these days. Here we are with a prompt answer to How To Avoid Dehydration In A Kid?

Feed them with plenty of water

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One stop solution to prevent dehydration in a child is making him drink a plenty of water. During summers, kids tend to get fascinated towards soft drinks and cod drinks that cater the need of water for their body but along with that it also supplies high levels of sugar but still the body is able to get water. However, this is not the case in winters as due to cold children have less proximity towards consuming these. In this case it becomes very important that you remind your child to have water after fixed intervals of time.

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Give them Coconut Water

Coconut water is not only helpful at avoiding dehydration in kids at the first place but in case the child is already suffering from dehydration then it is a perfect remedy. It replenishes the body by supplying the necessary quantity of sodium and potassium as coconut water is well supplied with such nutrients.

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Lemon Water

Whenever your child heads out from home, you ought to give him a water bottle along so that he is reminded to have water continuously. To make it better and ensure that your child drinks water, instead, you can fill the bottle with lemon juice as it serves two purposes. First, it supplies the body with the necessary water content and on the second hand, it serves the taste buds of the child.

Feed them water-rich fruits

There are plenty of fruits like a watermelon that is a rich source of water and is naturally delicious. Children are fond of such fruits. So, all you need to do is serve them such fruits from time to time so that the water level in their body is maintained.

All in all, this is an answer to How To Avoid Dehydration In A Kid? It is your duty as a parent to build a diet chart for your chart that includes all of the above-mentioned things.


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