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Tips to improve immune system of your Grandparents against COVID19

As we all know about covid19 which is overpowering the whole with its life taking spread ability and even humans are not able to find out the vaccine of it. Although some people discussed the impact of Ayurveda on the treatment of coronavirus. Even the health ministry also declares that Ayurveda is the key to fight with every problem. On the other hand, the government also says that this infection will affect children and grandparents the most. Having a strong immune system is the key to fight this infection.

So here are some steps that you can take to make the immune system of your grandparents better:

Is a Diet Full of NutrientsZinc Food

Have you ever noticed that the old parents or the grandparents will a little less than a normal teenager? If yes then this happens because of their weak digestion system and in that state giving them a high nutrient diet will become a little important task to do. You can distinguish their meal between the carbohydrates and vitamins but always take care to give them all the essential nutrients.

Also, take care to give a bit of carotene so that their immune system will become a bit stronger to fight with such diseases. With adding the nutrients in their diet always take care about the amount of diet that they take so that you can easily manage the intake nutrient levels in their body. As you already listen from many people that COVID-19 is a type of disease that directly affects the immune system and if you do not cooperate with them with the nutrients then dealing with such diseases will become a tough task for them. So in this tough situation take care of the nutrients in their body.

Add some Multivitamins 

Although you are giving them a high nutrient diet but still their body a little more vitamins to fight with such infections. So adding up some probiotics, multivitamins and herbal supplements is a very good move to protect them. There might be some types in which you can easily supply the vitamins in their body in the form of probiotic drinks, tea, curds and some of the dairy products. But this thing is a bit sensitive so you need to consult with the doctor first then only you can start giving them.

Try to give them vitamins in the herbal form because the herbal products will give a lot more things along with the vitamins. If we give you the suggestion then try to give them millets because it is a high vitamin-rich product that can easily available in everybody`s house. Also, give them salad with every diet because it will also contain the fibers which will make their digestive system better.

Tell them to Exercise

In most cases, it is found that in the old ages grandparents try to avoid the exercises and try to become home bound which is not a great thing to do. Old age is the only in which they need a little more care and love and we all are so much busy in our hectic life. This is also the time in which they have to do some exercise because their body is getting a little older and the machinery of their body starts to block the normal activities and take them on the way of harmful diseases. If you cannot do the daily exercise then at least told your children to play with their grandparents so that they will get some love and health at the same time. Playing with the kids is the best way to stretch your body and it will increase the level of stamina in your body. But at the same time do not pressurize them to do the sensitive exercises because their body is getting older and weak also. Also to fight with the coronavirus you need to make your body a little warmer and exercise is the best way to do it.

Try to make them Hydrated

Have you ever noticed that grandparents will drink a little less water than you? If yes then try to make their water intake level the same as you because their body also needs the same water as your body needs. Although at this age they will become a bit rude if you want to boost their immune system then you have to do this.

You can give them water in any form whether you can give them simple water or give them Nimbupani, Squash or something like this. But  your main motive is to make their body hydrated. However, some people think it useless but if you have ever noticed that then you will exactly know about this thing.

Also if you are looking to make their immunity stronger so that they can easily fight with COVID 19 then you might have to try this.

Bond with your grandparents

In the time of lockdown, it is the best time to cut off the differences between you and your grandparents. On normal days you do not have time for your grandparents and your family but at this time you have time in your hand which you can easily spend with your family. Your actions will not only clear out the differences but also help to improve the health of your grandparents because emotions and feelings can improve health or destroy health. The news and the gossips that they listen about COVID 19 also make them weaker from inside.


With the final words, we conclude that caring for grandparents is such an important task to do because you are standing here because of them only and if you do not take care of them then it is something like a betrayal with them. So spend time with your family and also follow all the steps above to maintain their health and make their immune system strong so that they can easily fight with this life taking infection.


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