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Yoga That Family Must Do During Quarantine

This quarantine you need to indulge in some healthy activities. What can be healthier than indulging in some yoga poses with your family? Yoga helps your family to deal with a lot of things like stress and postures thereby building immunity against illness, regulating emotions and also enhancing creativity.

1. Tree pose- The Standing Balancing Pose

Tree Pose Yoga

In this particular pose all the family members are supposed to individually balance their body weight on just one foot. This is basically a standing balancing pose. All the family members need to stand on one leg while the other leg needs to be twisted open creating a kickstand with it. Slowly and steadily you need to clasp the right ankle drawing the right foot upwards toward the inner thigh. Your toes ought to be pointing down while you press the right foot as high against your foot as possible. Now stretch your arms towards the sky as if your arms are the branches of the tress or you can also opt to join hands together to do the “namastey.” Now try to balance your body weight here.To make it more fun you can compete with other family members and one who maintains the balance for long wins.

Benefit of the standing balancing pose

It is known to strengthen the muscles of your leg in addition to opening the hips. Apart from this, it also helps to align the spine.

2. Double boat- The Seated Balancing Pose

Another yoga pose that you can try with your family is the seated balancing pose. Firstly, for this pose you need to form couples, like your parents can be one couple, your grandparents another and siblings can form one pair or howsoever best suits your family size. Now partners need to sit facing one another and make your feet touch your partner’s feet as if you are checking the size of your feet against theirs. Next you need to hold hands with your partners and ensure that your legs are in between the arms. Now bend the knees but very slightly and slowly push one foot at a time to lift the other person’s foot. You need to be a little careful while you attempt this yoga poses.

Benefit of the seated balancing pose

This particular pose is known to build your core strength. It is good for all the muscles of your body as it helps to make all the muscles of your body strong.

3. Downward facing dog- The Body Balancing Pose

This is another popular family yoga pose. This requires a gentle inversion where you need to pair up with other family members. One of the partners needs to make a dog pose while the other partner places their palms against the floor nearly one foot in front of the partner’s hand. Now you need to place your feet on the hips of your partner who is stretched like a dog. Both the partners need to settle in a comfortable position and balance their body weight.

Benefit of the body balancing pose

It is very good for your nervous system. In addition to this, it also helps in stretching of your entire body thereby helping to loosen up the body muscles for good.

4. Warrior 3- The Standing Balance Pose

All you need to do is stand tall and then slowly lean the upper body forward having your arms stretching straight in the front. Next you need to lift one of the legs high enough in order to make it parallel to floor. You need to switch your standing foot.

Benefit of the standing balance pose

This particular pose intends to strengthen as well as lengthen your back and at the same time stabilizes the ankles as well as the knees.

5. Frog pose- The Squatting Pose

This one is a squatting yoga pose. In this pose, you simply need to squat down with your knees bending and your hands resting in between the feet.  You now need to clap your hands and at the same time press your knees apart.

Benefit of the squatting pose

Not only does it strengthens the ankles but also helps to stretch the knees as well as the hips in addition to lengthening the spine.

6. Happy baby- The Reclining Pose

This one is basically a reclining pose. All that you need to do is simply lie down on your back with your knees bending into the belly. Next you need to grab your feet. Now you need to open up your knees slightly and then simply rock and roll on the mat.

Benefit of the reclining pose

It is best for opening up the muscles of your hips, stretching the inner thighs as well as massaging the lower back.

7. Starfish Pose- The Resting Pose

If you are already tired doing the above poses, then you are going to love this one as it is a resting pose. This is again a team work where you need to pair up with other members of the family. One of the partners needs to be a smooth rock and lay down with your body weight on the knees and face resting against the floor just like a kid does at times. Another partner needs to lie down on the first partners back with face towards the ceiling and feet in the direction of the partner’s feet. Partners now try to get hold of each other’s hands and begin stretching without ruining the pose. However, before you begin stretching, it might take you some time to find a comfortable position.

Benefit of the resting pose

Helps conclude the yoga session with family by allowing your body some rest and stretching at the same time.

These are some of the best yoga poses that you as a family can try together. These are not at all demanding so all the members of your family irrespective of the age group to which they belong can practice these yoga poses.


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