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Mother – Our First Guru

Mother – is one word which is closest to everyone; one of the most beautiful emotions for every person. Today we celebrate Guru Purnima, a day when you pay your respect and gratitude to your academic and spiritual gurus. But as our Indian tradition speaks, Mother is the first guru for everyone. What is Guru? It comes from a Sanskrit word where Gu stands for darkness and Ru stands for removal of the darkness. Guru is someone who selflessly grooms and molds us to be a better human being. Today we want to extend our respect and love to all the first Gurus, Our Mothers!


Mother Teaches Us Our First Words

A mother’s journey starts way before the child takes birth. She is called the first guru as even when the child is in her womb, she starts talking to the baby and shares some valuable lessons from day-to-day life. She discusses her daily routine, talks about her day, mentioning all the important people in her life – her husband, parents, in-laws and friends. This is one of the reasons that a child finds comfort in her arms as she soothes him to sleep while singing the lullaby every day. The baby is used to her voice and smell which makes him feels safe and comfortable. This is such a wonderful bond between the baby and the mother.

And every woman irrespective of her individual flaws is the perfect mother to her child. There is a fundamental shift that takes place in a woman in the nine months when she is carrying the child. Another shift happens when a woman decides to adopt a child and to raise him.  As she welcomes the child into the world and in her family, she becomes the guide, friend, protector and everything that a child needs. There have been many books written on the significance of motherhood and its glory. Every mother irrespective of the social and economic status will try to give the best to her child. The emotions and love witnessed at a traffic signal where a daily wage worker is feeding food to her child are same as that of the mother who feeds her child at some fancy restaurant. And the smile, happiness, and glow on the faces are same too.

A mother is literally the child’s first guru as she teaches the toddler to say ‘Maa’ every day. Perhaps, this is why the first word that every baby speaks is ‘Maa’. I am sure, daddies are taking notes here! Jokes aside, she teaches a child to read and write and recite his first poem. In most of the households, a mother is the one who would be helping a child do her homework as well. Though, in today’s times, the responsibilities are being shared equally, but a mother still remains as a primary teacher for a growing child.

We’ll Always Be A Child For Her

As we grow up, we leave our homes for a better career and job opportunities. The very first question every mother will ask is did you eat well? You might have kids of your own, but you will always be a child for your mom. Children, when they enter the world are fancied by the world’s charm and often get lost but a mother will always keep track of her child. You might forget to call her and ask her about her well-being but she will never forget. She will be there always for you with the right advice you need, with the right set of words to motivate you and like a pillar having your back. We all have experienced that even if a mother is facing her own problems, the moment her child comes up with a challenge, she will forget all the worries and try fixing it for the children. We may or may not be in someone’s prayers who claim to love us but we can be assured, we are always present in our mother’s prayers.

Her Enriched Experiences Makes for Practical Advice

She is the Guru, who introduces us to our father and the world. She is the Guru who shows the ways which lead to the academics and spiritual Gurus. Even after we grow up, the ocean of experience that she has, will always have a solution for our problems. Her advice is just not related to our day-to-day matters, but even as she grows, your mother might just bowl you over by giving some very practical advice about life. Listen to her carefully, for it might just be the best teaching lesson you’ll ever receive.

Wishing Our Mothers a Very Happy Guru Purnima

At times we might have our difference in opinions with our mother, but we need to remember that we exist because of our first Guru and nothing in the world can we do that will be equivalent to her sacrifices. As we read this, we might be staying with our moms or in different cities, we might not even call her daily, but today can we call her and express our gratitude and thank her for being the first Guru from the bottom of our hearts? Her happiness will know no bounds. Remember, we all are on borrowed time here. As we are getting old, so are our parents. On this note, let’s pick up our phones now and dial the contact – Mummy and wish her a Happy Guru Purnima!


  1. Very true and apt article. Mother is the first and the most selfless Guru and expects only and only happiness for her child.

    • Hello Kavita, we agree with you mother is the first guru and our first friend who loves us unconditionally.Thanks for the appreciation.
      Stay tuned to lovingparents.in for more parenting,health and lifestyle tips.

    • Lovingparents wishes all the gurus in this world Happy Guru Purnima who some way or the other has played an important part in ones life.

  2. Happy Guru Purnima to all!
    Thank you for such a good article. Truly Parents are our first Guru. On this auspicious day of Guru Purnima, which is dedicated to our teachers & gurus, we express gratitude and love for our teachers. Guru Purnima is celebrated on the full moon day of Ashadha month as per Hindu calendar. The day is celebrated to commemorate the birth ceremony of Ved Vyasa, who is the author of the holy book Mahabharata.

    • Hey Niraj,
      Thanks for the appreciation!! Stay tuned to lovingparents.in for more parenting,health and lifestyle tips.

  3. You are the inspiration who made me fight every hurdle in life. It wouldn’t have been possible without you. Happy Guru Purnima!


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