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Frequent White Lies of Parents To Kids

All moms lie to their children, either to explain a non-explicable topic with ease until they grow up or to make them compliant. Sometimes white lies form a part of parents. Tantrums and unnecessary drama are all handled using these white lies.

1. I Always Know When You’re Lying.


Not true. Most of the times, since kids are used to speaking the truth, parents trust them blindly and can barely differentiate between truth and lies when spoken by these innocent-looking ones.

2. This Injection Won’t Hurt

It is quite a common lie and even the children don’t believe it.

3. If You Twist Your Face Too Much, It Will Stick In That Shape Only

And what about the frown that you always have on your face, parents?

4. The Cat May Have Taken Away The Cookies And Chocolates.

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5. Santa Claus Doesn’t Give Gifts To Naughty Children.

More like Santa does not exist and would not care about kids being naughty.

6. Oh, Your Toy Broke. You Should Have Played With It More Carefully.

More like the battery died and you do not want that noisy toy to ever work again.

7. TV Is Broken Or The Remote Is Lost.

When your kid is watching tv non-stop, hiding the remote and pretending that it is lost can be the easiest option of making their eyes get unstuck from the television set.

8. If You Eat Seeds Of Fruits, A Tree Will Grow In Your Stomach.

If growing trees was so easy, we’d all be sprouting leaves out of our mouths and ears.

9. If You Don’t Get Ready, We Are Leaving Without You.

The best way to get kids scared into submission is by telling them that they will be left alone. Nothing can make them get ready faster.

10. That Black Water Tastes Terrible

But for your mom, this coca-cola is the most divine drink.

11. Tooth Fairy Will Come And Leave A Coin In Place Of Your Tooth. But Only If You Don’t Cry

Stories of tooth fairies keep kids engaged especially when there is a terrible toothache. This is why compensating with a coin or a candy seems like the best idea.

12. Eat Your Veggies Or You Will Never Grow Up

Well, there is some truth to this statement since vegetables are important for a child’s development. Yet there seems to be no other option for kids except growing up.

13. When I Was Your Age…

So many lies can accompany this statement. Whether it is exaggerating academic excellence or a lesson in hard work, parents resort to telling lies starting with this.

14. I Don’t Know.

When you’re tired to answer but your kid is persistent, this is what you say.

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