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Top 21 Tips For 21st Century Parents

Parenting tips come as a resource for all those who have embraced parenthood for the first time. Also, these are of great help for those who find it hard to understand what is going on in the minds of 21st century kids. Here we are with some helpful parenting tips for you.

1. Being vocal

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Most of us tend to take it for granted that our kids are aware of the fact that we love them deeply. Irrespective of whether they are sure about our infinite love towards them or not, we need to keep telling them that we love them. The best way to do so is by saying I Love You at least once in a day. Not only does this makes them feel wanted and pampered but also boosts their self-confidence.

2. Family that eats together says together

Gone are the days when family members made it a priority to sit together for all the meals of the day. It is true that hectic schedule of 21st century does not allow doing this anymore especially at the breakfast and lunch but for dinner? All of us know that it is feasible so why not do it? You ought to make having dinner as a family together a priority because it is over the dinner communications that bonding between the family members increases.

3, Hug your kid

Today your child is desperate to receive those hugs and kisses from you. There might be days coming ahead where he will not be having any time for these quick hugs and kisses. So every time your child asks for one, give him plenty.

4. How was your day?

At the end of the day when a tired kid comes home all that he wants is warmth of your love. Make it a routine o ask your child this one question every day.

5. Time flies

If you are confused as to whether you should choose your child or your career, then one quick answer is that child will grow up one day but the work will always be there for those who are qualified. So, choose wisely especially if money is not the sole reason for working. Freelancing is always an option for many.

6. As you reap so shall you harvest

Children replicate their parents. What they see you practicing they do the same. So be a good model for them and practice virtues like kindness, honesty, punctuality etc.

7. Quit vices

We are sure it will kill you in future to see your child smoke or drink. So, why do it yourself, especially in front of them. Each time you crave for things like these keep in mind the point number six.

8. Accept gift with gratitude

Every time your child gives you a gift, burst out in joy. Show them how grateful you are for this lovely gift. This makes them more confident about their acts.

9. Be protective

Protect your child from all the dangers that you can see or sense. Be a hero to him in all the situations.

10. Don’t vent your anger on kids

If you are angry try avoiding having a chit chat session with your kid. Otherwise you will end up venting out all your anger on them.

11. Date outings with kids

Take your children on dates. Pamper them the way you want all other people to treat them, doing so sets boundaries that define what behaviour they should expect from people other than family.

12. Give them attention

Pay attention to your kid whenever you are around him. This attention makes him feel wanted and appreciated which further boosts his confidence.

13. Have schedules

Children are known to give their best when they are disciplined in life. Try to set a definite pattern for your kid that he can follow.

14. No negativity

There is no need to always highlight the places where your kid went wrong. Doing so breeds negativity. At times praising your kid for the part he could do rightly is more than enough.

15. Game time

One of the best ways to enhance bonding among family members is to spare time for family games. It can be once in a week or once in two weeks. Sitting and playing together has a positive impact on growth of your child.

16. Set boundaries

Children are always testing the boundaries that you set for them. so you need to demonstrate that they ought to respect your authority so that they can respect you not only as kids but also when they are grown up.

17. Spread positivity

You need to spot the positive qualities in your child and appreciate him for his attributes. They need to be aware that you will love them regardless of mistakes they commit at times.

18. Have bed time routine

You need to have a strict rule for 21st century kids as far as sleeping time is concerned. Tell them a story and put them to sleep and wake them up accordingly.

19. Love language

Your child has a unique way of asking for help, offering your help, saying thank you and expressing love. Try to get on the same page with him as far as love language is concerned.

20. Say no to comparisons

You should never indulge in making comparison of your child with his siblings or with the child of your neighbour. Remember that each child is different and has unique talents. Try to admire your child instead of making him vulnerable to comparisons.

21. Live life king size

Your children are a gift to you. You should cherish each and every moment with them because those cuddles you get from kids might not remain the same once they grow up.

These 21 parenting tips are going to make your life as parents comparatively easy. At the same time you will be able to bond with your children in a better way.


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