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10 Things Women Ought To Know Before Birthing

Pregnant women have a lot of thoughts going in their heads, especially about labor. The anxiety about birthing can really cause a lot of stress. If you are going to deliver your first baby soon, then there are certain things that you must be aware about before birthing.

These are as follows:

1. Stay motivated


Believe that you can do it and you are sure to come out successful. You might have come across stories from your friends and relatives about the pain and discomfort associated with birthing. However, it is not this that you have to pay attention to but the results that you would get out of it, your baby!

2. Start preparing but don’t overdo it

Even if you enter the labor ward with a plan in mind, you ought to know that chances of things going according to your plan in just one per cent. Instead enter the war with anything can happen types of a feeling and prepare your body to bear the discomfort.

3. No the baby will not come out on your way to hospital

Many of us are scared of the thought of baby coming out on our way to the hospital. Most of the times, we are found knowing the distance between our house and the hospital and the time it takes to get there with and without traffic. However, you need to be careful about the delivery dates that doctor has mentioned on your reports.

4. Returning home without delivery

At times, it so happens that we perceive that the labor pain has started while actually it has not. In such a case if we head to the hospital, the chances are that doctor will do your normal check- up and send you back home. Again, keeping an eagle eye on the expected delivery date is important.

5. Use of catheter

Epidurals help to prevent the decrease in blood pressure. However, even entering catheter won’t feel you much but will help you get rid of the urine from your bladder. There is a rare chance of using it but in case used it comes out without causing you pain.

6.Pushing and pooping

For the fact, that the same muscles are involved while pushing for labor and pushing for poop. So it might so happen that you end up pooping while labour.

7. Don’t panic about pooping

Many of us have this notion in mind that what if we end up pooping during labour? Don’t worry is the answer. During labour no one in the room is concerned about other happening than you delivering the baby.

8. You want to be left alone

Irrespective of love that you share with your husband, when your cervix dilates and contractions begin multiple feeling come and go. Mostly, you feel like being left alone where no one touches you.

9. It’s not just the doctor in the room

Apart from the doctor there are nurses also in the labour room. Apart from that, one of your loved ones usually your husband is allowed in the labour room. So be prepared for the same.

10. Delivered baby ? You are still not done

After having delivered the baby, you ought to push out the Placenta is the organ that gives baby oxygen and nutrients during pregnancy. Be calm, it is not painful.

With this list, you are all aware about the must know things before delivery. This might not make birthing an easy process but these will surely help you prepare for the process better. Good luck!


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