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Most Common Complications During Teenage Pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is not that common these days owing to the increased awareness among teenagers. These days’ teenagers are more aware about the concept of physical contact between the opposite genders and the results of sexual intercourse. Knowing the inferences of getting pregnant during teenage, girls and boys usually do not indulge in sex and if they do then they ensure taking precautions. All the credit goes to the introduction of sex education in primary and high school. However, in case you know someone who has contracted teenage pregnancy then you need to know about the complications that are associated with this. Following are the most commonly found complications if teenagers get pregnant.

1. Mother’s weak body

Pregnancy Weakness

As teenage pregnant girls usually don’t timely get aware about their pregnancy, they end up taking less care of their baby. In addition to this, even if teen girls are aware about their skipped periods and pregnancy they tend to hide it from their parents owing to the fear of getting scolded or disowned. Such girls are vulnerable to anaemia and suffer deficiency of blood iron, suffer extreme tiredness as well as other complications. They usually fail to take the adequate intake of the nutrients as well as prenatal vitamins resulting in nutritional deficiencies. Gestational hypertension as well as the high blood pressure might result in the premature delivery or say the low birth weight baby.

2. Health issues to baby

Baby is delivered healthy only if the body that carries it is healthy. A teenage pregnant girl is less likely to be able to take care of herself during the pregnancy period. This poses threat to the baby as well as to her own health. Mostly the babies of such teenage parents are low-birth-weight. The risk of premature delivery is also high and there might be more issues during the delivery. Both the mother and the kid suffer health problems as the mothers organs did not have the sufficient time to get developed.

3. Common health problems in mothers

The weak body of the mother makes her vulnerable to contracting a lot of problems that impact her pregnancy as well as healthy delivery. The teenage pregnant girl is susceptible to suffering issues like cerebral palsy and breathing problems. In addition to this, the risk of asthma also increases.  The mother faces the feeding difficulties and serious intestinal problems. There is always developmental delays and possibility of mental retardation. There are always chances of hearing problems and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

4. The socioeconomic risks

It is not only the mother and child that suffer as a result of teenage pregnancy. There are a plethora of reasons to support that teenage pregnancy also has an adverse impact on the society as a whole. Getting pregnant in the teenage alter the entire course of the girls life as well as of her partner. Not only does this increase the chances of dropping out of schools and colleges but comparatively lower percentage of fathers are able to get the degrees as well. This in turn results in the underdeveloped intellect as well as lower rates of the academic achievement of children of teenage parents. Some babies also suffer other issues that persist in them for lifelong.

To wrap up, these are some of the most common teenage pregnancy problems that are faced by the mother, the baby and the society. It is our moral responsibility to ensure that teenagers are well aware about the detrimental impacts of getting pregnant at this tender age on which their entire life depends.

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