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How To Deal With Teenage Bullying?

Is your child prone to bullying? Is it impacting the behaviour of your child? Bullying is an atrocity practised daily in schools, the society we live in and also at various places. Any small action which is immoral and may cause harm, either mentally or physically, to a child is bullying.

Social Media and Bullying


Social media is the most powerful and easily accessible platform to conduct such cruel acts. Often coined as Cyber bullying, it is when bullies use the internet to say things that they might not be able to say in person or want to conceal their identity. This can include sending unkind texts, posting abuses about someone or making rude remarks on their pictures over the social media platform. Cyberbullies also might post private information, pictures, or videos intended to disturb someone.

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We sometimes neglect posts where other children or adults are getting bullied, thinking it’s none of our business. And that’s where we lack, by not raising our voice and instead of making more fun of it, we are encouraging teenagers for such acts and pushing them in pits.

Other Ways of Bullying by Teenagers and its Aftermath

Physical bullying is when teen bullies cause damage to their targets physically. This might be pushing, thrusting, punching, or hitting anyone in school, society or play areas. Any form of touching that a person disapproves can be bullying and possible sexual assault. These activities leave an everlasting mental impact as well. Such acts can lead to permanent or partial disability to the victims.

Verbal bullying is taunting or teasing someone. Be it anywhere, teens can be seen passing unwanted comments and remarks on not only their fellow mates but also strangers and elders. Verbal bullying must be stopped right away. Teens mainly pass comments on someone weighing more, having dark skin colour, etc which causes stress among others and they at the end take away their own lives thinking themselves as unacceptable and unfit for society. They feel bad about themselves and often end up physically hurting themselves and not able to recover from such incidents.

How Can One Identify A Teen Bully And Solutions To Treat Victims Early?

Boy or a girl anyone can be a bully. They can be identified as:

Outgoing And Violent:

This kind of bully might make fun of you on your face or bodily hurt you.

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Quiet And Mean:

This kind of bully might try to operate in secret. They might secretly start a damaging rumour just to see what are the outcomes.

Friendly And Phony:

This kind of bully might pretend to be your friend so that you tell them personal things and then do unfriendly things behind your back.

Solutions To Help Victims To Recover Easily:

Talk To Anyone Trustworthy Or Elder:

Grownups in power, like parents, teachers, or coaches, can step in and deal with bullying.

Build Up Immense Confidence In Your Child To Fight Non-Violently Against It:

Like using confident body language sends a message that you’re not vulnerable.

Try To Talk Politely And In A Friendly Manner To The Bully:

Try to point out that his or her behaviour is grave and harmful.

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Overlook The Bully And Walk Away:

Bullies like receiving a reaction. If you walk away or overlook them, you are telling them that you do not care about them and their behaviour, as if they do not exist.

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