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Ways Parents Can Prevent Teen Depression

One of the most common issues that are being faced by the world today is teen depression. It is not at all a hard task to spot a teenager around us who is suffering from this concern. With growing numbers of teens with depression symptoms parents have become more aware and they are trying to prevent this. There are a plenty of ways to combat teen depression and some of these are mentioned below.

Give more care and attention


Parents need to understand that growing kids need more attention and care. There are a lot of things happening in the life of a teenager that he requires consistent mentoring. There is no one better than a mother or a father who can fulfill this need of the teens. The teenagers who have higher levels of parental support are known to suffer less depression symptoms. Also, such kids have low cortisol as well as C-reactive protein levels which are two physiological markers that are associated with depression.

Make children emotionally strong

On a daily basis a teenager has to suffer umpteen situations that are sometime emotionally and socially challenging. To combat such skills they require the support of their parents. However, more importantly they need brains that are trained to be emotionally stable. This is however, only possible if parents instill the quality of being emotionally receptive of each and everything since the very beginning. This strength further gives them the courage to deal with any type of a situation and come out victorious.

Help kids develop positive social relations

Teenagers look forward for seeking unsaid approvals on a plenty of things they do towards their peers and the society. Without even being aware, teens give the society and people surrounding them an authority to approve or disapprove of their actions. Each time they figure out society disapproving their best efforts for petty things, they get disheartened which at times leads them on the path of depression. To get this support from the society it is important that they share a positive relation with all and sundry. This is only possible if we as parents teach our children to develop such relations.

To encapsulate, parents ought to keep an eagle eye on their teen kids so as to prevent they from falling a prey to depression. Careful parenting is the only key that can help you as a parent to deal with this issue.

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