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Why You Should Never Force-Feed Babies And Kids?

Kids are often fussy eaters but every parent wants to feed their kid nutritious food which is essential for his overall development. The problem is that kids refuse to eat this wholesome meal and prefer harmful foods. This is why sometimes parents resort to force-feed but that may be harmful to your child.

Why?Force Feeding

Parents force-feed their kids for a number of reasons. It may be to finish the food on the plate so it does not go to waste or introducing solid food to your child who is still adamant about not chewing his food. If parents feel that their child is not eating as much as they should, that might also lead to force-feeding. The final reason is to inculcate the discipline of eating healthy food in children. So parents force-feed their kid the dishes which they do not like just because they are healthy.

What are its harmful effects?

Force-feeding can have a negative impact on your kid and its harmful effects include:


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Your child may vomit the food you feed him if he does not like it. Force-feeding might ensure that he eats it but he may throw it all back up.

2. Hate Food

Your child, as a result of force-feeding, might start hating even the food he had an only mild aversion towards.

3. Kills the Appetite

Growing an appetite takes some time while killing it is easier. If you force-feed your kid, he might feel less and less hungry until his appetite is lost. This further creates more problems.

4. Negative Emotions

Anything that is forced can invoke only negativity. This is why kids might start developing negativity towards their parents if they are force-fed.

5. Leads to Unhealthy Eating Habits

As a rebellion, your child might end up even more unhealthy food than he would have otherwise. If he starts disliking healthy food because of the way he was fed, it will be harmful in the long run.

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6. Eating Disorder

Your child might develop some kind of eating disorder like anorexia because they start feeling that they have no control over what they will eat.

7. Lifelong Dislike for Food

Children might start eating less than a healthy amount or even grow detestation for food after they grow up.

What you should do instead?

Instead of forcing you child, play a little clever game with them to make them enjoy their food. Even if they do not like something, tell them to at least try it. Introduce new food in smaller portions and show patience. If your child is being stubborn, give them an incentive. Tell them you will play with them if they finish their veggies.


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