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Rewards for kids – Best ways to motivate

Whether it is academic motivation or little inspiration to do daily chores, scolding or negative behaviour does not work well with children. If you wish to make your child behave, learn good things and act according to your wishes, you must follow the reward system where every time they learn a valuable lesson, you reward them.

Now a reward need not be a bribe and should not be something that they get habituated to which does them harm in the future. There are certain reward policies that you can follow:

1. Genuine Appreciation

genuine appreciation

Children love to be acknowledged and appreciated. Most of the time, their temper tantrums are because of your lack of attention. So, if you reward them by acknowledging their work and appreciating it through a hug, a kiss or just some positive encouragement, it can go a long way.

2. Food

Instead of taking them out, you can cook their favourite food at home. Make a dish that they would really appreciate. That will not only reward them but also put the idea of them eating something unhealthy out of your mind. But keep changing this reward because you do not want your child to get stubbornly demanding.

3. Buy them the toy they wanted

Again, it is not something you should keep on doing but on a special occasion like when your child won a match or did really good academically, you can spend some money and buy them a gift with some value.

4. Remove a chore

You want your child to do chores but children hate it. So, as a reward of them doing their chores diligently over the week, let them take the weekend off. Or as a reward from some other activity, depending on the level of appreciation you wish to give, you can ask them to omit a chore from the list. This can be a great motivation.

5. Make a Reward Chart

Make a beautiful reward chart for your child so your kid can visualise their achievements. Mark it with stars or stickers and write positive comments on it. You can also mention what kind of behaviour or activity would earn them more rewards. It can be like a game which the kid would love to win. Your child will also learn how to measure their own performance and what they can do to be better.

6. Special Treat

Always keep a special treat for real special occasions. This is where you can either get your child something associated with their favourite activity or you can allow their best friend to accompany them to the mall or some game centre. Giving your child a little bit of freedom or an exceptional gift can make them really happy.



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