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The Best Games To Play With One Year Olds

One-year-old toddlers are super fun. Since they are just learning how to walk, talk, and explore the world around them, parents hold a lot of fascination for one year old’s. One thing common with all one year old’s is that they love to learn new skills and gain new knowledge quickly. So here are some fun games you can play with your one-year-old.

Think Fun Roll and Play Game-


The game is perfect since all your kid has to go is roll a dice to get a card category and do the activity written on the card. The activities are simple and fun like making a funny face or roaring like a lion. The game provides endless learning opportunities and the rolling dice is fun part for one-year-olds.


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Toddlers adore puppets, especially the ones that represent an animal or even people. Puppet play makes your toddler more imaginative and your kid can play pretend by talking to eat, feeding it, petting it and taking it around the house. Full-hand puppets can be real fun but you can begin with finger puppets too.

Finger Painting-

This one is to explore the artistic side of your kid. But washing up the paint is often a terrible task for the parents. Get some washable paint meant for children and let him do finger painting. You can also get them stamps or brushes to really explore their creative side. Teach your kid how to paint real early and a fun way is to get bathtub paints which also act as a soap. This can be fun to use while bathing them.

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Pretend Play-

Role-play with your one-year-old by making different voices, mimicking, and the more role-play you do with your kid, the better their brain functioning becomes. It helps in developing critical skills in your kid. Toy sets like kitchen set, cleaning set, doctor set can come in handy during pretend play. Some kids adore pretend grocery carts while others like a dress up station. You can introduce tea set or any kind of pretend toy game that you like. Through this pretend play, you can convey a lot of information like manners, behaviour in certain situations etc.


Big chunky puzzles are loved by toddlers. They help in developing critical thinking of your kid and help in making them learn how to solve problems. Most parents end up getting a lot of different puzzles but ensure that you do not give them a new puzzle until they have finished the last one. Puzzles could be about anything, from shapes to people, to vehicles. Your toddler will learn to start identifying things and you can help naming them to develop their language building skills.

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