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How Harmful is Air Pollution for Kids?

As the air quality gets worse, it is impossible not to face the impact of it. The ill-effects of air pollution are not just restricted to adults. Children are even more prone to sicknesses due to air pollution for kids since childhood is a fragile state where the body is still developing.

For a parent, air pollution is a big concern.

Why children are the worst targets of air pollution?

Air Pollution

Children tend to breathe faster and more often than adults so if the air quality is low, the pollutants enter their body faster than any adults. The air pollutants can remain in their lungs and affect their health.

For kids who are less than 6 years old, their lungs are still not fully developed. So breathing in polluted air can have a long-term impact on their health and they might develop medical problems in the future.

Since kids spend their time outside playing or running around, the dirt and dust they get exposed to can be toxic. So, if along with those toxic substances if the air is also polluted it will adversely impact the child.

Impact of Air pollution on your child:

Air Pollution

If constantly your child inhales polluted air, it can hamper proper respiratory functioning. It may also lead to lung infections and a reduced capacity of the lungs. While some impacts may be short-term, continued exposure to air pollution can develop long-term issues for adulthood as well such as asthma or cystic fibrosis.

Don’t think that air pollution will only impact the lungs. It also stunts the growth of your child’s nervous system.

How to save your child from air pollution by lowering its impact:

Air Pollution

The first and foremost thing is to ensure that you are not contributing to air pollution or worsening your child’s condition by smoking. Secondly, you must ensure that your child eats healthy food which is nutritious. A good diet can ensure good health, healthy development of the lungs, and reduce the risk of infection.

Try opting for indoor physical activities with your child. Physical activities will boost his immune system and doing it indoors will protect him somewhat from the pollutants. Take him to places where there is fresh air, like a park early in the morning.

If air quality is very bad, resort to using air purifiers and masks. Ensure that you have a constant eye on your child’s health and if he seems to be falling sick often, contact a doctor.

Make your contribution to reducing pollution. Opt for greener ways like carpooling, cycling, and plant trees and plants.

Since a one-time solution is not possible to reduce pollution or save your family from the impact of it, it requires a constant collective effort.

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