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Teach kids the real-life lessons from Gandhiji’s life- Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti celebrations!

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, we shall have to begin with the children.” — Mahatma Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi has been a role model for the country’s youth, but is new-age tech-savvy kids aware of his greatness? Last night, I searched for Gandhi Jayanthi Speech in Hindi for my child to present in school and asked him about the values and preaching of Mahatma Gandhi. And no wonder she said, “Mumma, it’s his birthday, and we have to present a speech on Gandhi Jayanti for school in Hindi as a gesture of respect.” That’s all she knew about the celebration of this historic event. Why not inculcate the real-life lessons and approach of our National father that imbibe in the young minds thoroughly. But how?

There are multiple ways to spread the message of non-violence, peace and art of meaningful life in our kids. It can be through some fun activities that need practical involvement or familiarity with the actual messages through small examples or roleplay. There are many books on the nation’s father, specifically for kids that can make it easier for them to know about this great personality. His freedom to fight and never give up spirit is what India respects, and the coming generation needs to know more of him. With rising violence, disparity and hatred around us, it is vital to make a change from our home itself.

Let’s make this birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi a perfect way to convince our kids about his unflinching concern for truth and peace. Below are the best 10 life lessons that kids can learn and incorporate into their lives for leading a successful life ahead.

Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti

1. Live a quality life-

Kids learn to move fast in this technologically advanced world and lack the productive life that every individual must stand by. We must teach them to live each day in a meaningful way by adding some quality to it. Rushing can only get the numbers, but quality work can result in slow and steady excellence. You can also indulge in making their own 2 October Gandhi Jayanti speech in Hindi, no matter how imperfect it is. This can help them in exploring more of themselves.

2. Stand by the truth-

No matter if someone supports you or not, stand by what is truth and someday the world would recognize your personality. Kids often hide their emotions and desires from their parents, which leads them to loneliness and anxiety. But speaking out the truth is one way to save themselves from big trouble that might result in a future habit. The values you impart now are about to stay with them for the lifetime. Despite the consequences, speaking the truth can remove half the barriers between kids and parents.

3. Be the change you want to see-

Commenting on the system and fixing yourself with the fault is something we never want our kids to do. You can ask them one thing that disgusts them the most, be it about themselves, and look for self-improvement ways. Children should be able to avail self-realization of mistakes and rectify them to perfection. Bringing about the right change can only help in exploring the change they always desire for.

4. Love is the only path to peace-

Once your child grows up, they might develop a lot more knowledge on languages, religion, caste and ethnicity. There are chances that they might get biased based on personal backgrounds, which gives rise to hatred. It is yours and my duty to ensure that personal prejudice must not dominate the logical behavior and start preaching preach, harmony and love on this perfect occasion. Mahatma Gandhiji can be a good role model for them to learn the power of peace, which overrules anything and everything in this world.

kids as mahatma gandhi

5. Think and then act-

The coming future is an outcome of what your kids are today, and Gandhiji lived by this thought for his whole life. Small acts and gestures of your kids would determine the kind of human being you are raising, which generates the need to teach on the right thoughts and actions. Talk to your child and make them understand through examples that acting without understanding leads to blunders. He/she must think calmly no matter how aggressive the situation is, and only then put their thoughts to actions.

6. Live to learn every day of your life-

Gandhiji gave many powerful lines, thought-provoking statements, and every life lesson based on one. He always said that you must live as if there is no tomorrow and learn as if you are eternal in this world. It’s a deep thought, and making your child aware of this would require a bit if tact. You can explain to them that learning is an on-going process and can never get constrained to the classroom walls. Parents should keep a watch that kids are making full utilization of every opportunity that comes their way to learn and find something new and innovative. Explain to them the power of learning and tell them to prepare a Gandhi Jayanti speech enlightening these wonderful thoughts of this man with great values!

7. Stay Positive-

Next thought of Mahatma Gandhi says that you can become what you think. Hence, it is vital to keep polishing your thoughts’ quality and try to turn all negatives into positives. Bogging down by negative thoughts can never be a rescue option, and it is a crucial lesson for your kids. With so much negativity these days, staying and dealing with all of it in a positive frame is no easy task, and you can mold their young minds to positive thinking and actions. Give them an example that he fought for freedom against all the odds with practices like ‘Satyagraha’ and today, the whole world praises him for the way he chose to acquire Independence for our country.

8. Power of forgiving-

If the other person is doing wrong to them doesn’t mean you should behave the same way. Instead, teach your child that revenge and retaliation can never lead to success, happiness or wisdom. Forgiving is the best way to make others realize their mistakes, and Gandhiji did the same to save our country from the Britishers. You can ask your kids if regrets and grudges can in any way bring happiness to them. This is the best occasion to shower on them the knowledge of peace and prosperity.

9. Never lie to yourself-

You can spread the power of truth only when you believe in what you do irrespective of the worst consequences. Teach and inform your kids about right and wrong and tell them it is perfectly fine if they displease few people to put straight their point. Fear of losing trust, relations, and respect drag people towards lies that result in a dark life. Kids are raw mud, and you have to shape them right for their bright and wonderful future ahead.

10. Care for nature-

Lastly, Mother Nature has the supreme power that governs the world, and we should never take her for granted. Gandhiji always believed that every person must act responsibly to nurture and take care of our nature. Kids cannot understand the complex concepts so start informing them about the consequences of water wastage or the benefits of planting more trees. You can also encourage them to grow some. These small steps can bring about a significant change that can result in your children’s better future.

How to prepare kids for the 2 October Gandhi Jayanti speech in Hindi?

Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti

If your child is participating in the Gandhi Jayanthi celebrations at school or in society compound, let’s not restrict the platform to a mere description of Gandhiji as a freedom fighter and the significance of his birth anniversary. Instead, prepare for the more profound life lessons and intellectual preaching of that great man who lived whole life to develop a conviction for truth and peace in humanity. With a robust and headstrong speech preparation. Your child would know more about the wonderful teachings of Gandhiji and create a curiosity amongst other hundreds of students to know the actual version of this well-known personality.

What more can I do to engage kids on Gandhi Jayanti?

Engross kids in some fun games or encourage them to celebrate that can add up to the excitement for this day. You can also recreate some iconic moments from his life or tell some real-life instances to them. Get some books written by Mahatma Gandhi for kids, which can effectively generate the power of positivity and peace in their young minds. Childhood knowledge and learnings guide you throughout life, and we all are examples of it.

Mahatma Gandhi celebration
Excelsior Rakesh

Some exciting activities to enjoy with your kid on Gandhi Jayanthi are as follows:

1. Dress like Gandhiji-

It does not mean the fancy dress set up or the same look attire. Go different and take this opportunity to teach them a simplistic attitude in life that empowers happiness and satisfaction. Minimalism is the new version of what he followed, and staying simple is the best way to avoid unwanted greed and lust for more. You can also dress them in a traditional dhoti look with a bald head mask, round spectacles, and iconic lathi.

2. Visit the museum-

Take them on a day trip to a nearby museum where they can spot some historical evidence of his glorious achievement and deeds during India’s freedom movement. It can help them know his sacrifices and indulge in detailed discussions to make them more aware of his life.

3. Tell them about Charkha and Khadi-

Fashion freak kids these days might never know about the spinning wheel and India’s pride (Khadi Fabric) that symbolized self-reliance and broke Britisher’s legs in our country. Explain to them how this charkha is still a popular source of earning in several villages and tell them that khadi is a wonderful way to go eco-friendly which is trending these days.

4. Involve them in a truth game-

Gandhiji always stood by the truth, and it is quite evident from his famous autobiography, ‘The Story of My Experiments with Truth’! They need to trust that you would not scold them for their honesty and instead appreciate their efforts. Bribe them to some chocolates and candies. I tried it, and worked great with my little one! For example, ask them fundamental things like did you faked an illness for avoiding a school class? Or have you told a lie about the non-completion of homework?

5. Give them the detailed information on Gandhiji’s 3 monkeys-

The symbolic monkeys depicting the life philosophy of Gandhiji are well-known but do your kids about them? They spread a message of not eyeing the evil, nor speaking it or even hear it if possible. It is a kind of visual interpretation that preaches tolerance and peace. Convert this into an enjoyable game and ask a group of children to plan a role play on it. You can also prepare your child to make a dedicated Gandhi Jayanti’s speech in Hindi on this specific topic. It can be a unique perspective that most kids might fail to express!

6. Cleanliness and a movie night-

Gandhiji believed in the positivity and goodness of cleanliness and preached the same. Ask your kids to clean their rooms themselves by organizing shelves or cleaning the after-play mess. Teach them that sanitation is a crucial part of one’s life and a healthy environment is one of our responsibility.

kids as mahatma gandhi

Golden words

Gandhiji is the only Indian leader who influenced the people in Indian and is a role model for many leaders and millions of people all over the world due to his personality and thoughts! Why not optimize every bit of this occasion to teach little kids with examples and celebrations fruitfully? Please take a moment to spread his galore to the coming generation that would determine the New India. With all these small steps and learning lessons, you can teach the actual values of Mahatma Gandhi in them, and there cannot be a better tribute you could pay him. His life was great learning, and you must use all these learnings, books and statements to fill your kids with a new array of hope, positivity and love!

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