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How To Prevent Dandruff In Kids

One of the most common issues that parents these days are facing is dandruff in kids. This initially petty appearing issuing is growing owing to several reasons and it is high times that we as parents take stern steps to prevent the occurrence of dandruff in children. Though there are plenty of treatments to follow once the problem has occurred but there is a deluge of ways to prevent it in the first place. Here we are going to share with you How To Prevent Dandruff In Kids.

1. Keep their body hydrated

kids hydrated

One of the most secure ways of preventing dandruff in kids is by keeping their body hydrated. it is vital that you make your kids realize the importance of drinking water. Also, make it a point to keep them well supplied with water bottles at all hours of the day. If not water then you need to ensure that they intake juices and other beverages.

2. Comb before shampoo

kids comb

Prior to taking your kids for a head bath make it a point to comb their hair. Brushing the hair right before having a head wash ensures the elimination of flakes to a great extent. This way you can easily clean the scalp of your child’s head. Further, shampooing the hair will help you get rid of the remaining flakes if any.

3. Nutrition is must

kids nutritionOne of the most common causes of dandruff among children is malnutrition. Therefore, to prevent dandruff in children it is important to feed them with proper nutrition. Ensure adding green as well as leafy vegetables to their diet and see how it fights all the dandruff issues. Proteins, carbohydrates as well as other required nutrients result in moist as well as healthy skin thereby leaving no vent for the occurrence of dandruff.

4. Oil the scalp

kids hair oil
Beautiful young mother combing hair of her little daughter after taking bath; Shutterstock ID 411758188; PO: today.com

Another popular means of preventing dandruff growth among children is applying oil to their scalp on regular basis. Oiling the scalp regularly or at least on alternate days helps in keeping the scalp moist thereby rendering it dandruff-free. Apart from preventing dandruff in kids, oiling the scalp also serves a lot of other purposes like strengthening hair growth.

Overall, these are some of the popular ways of preventing dandruff in children. It is better to take action prior to letting dandruff occur in kids than to find ways of getting rid of it later.

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