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5 Most Popular Family Engaging Activities For Pre-schoolers

In this era of globalization, not only adults are busy in their hectic schedule but pre- schoolers are equally busy doing the school activities. In such a scenario it gets difficult to spend the family time together. So that kids and parents can spend time together there are few activities that you need to indulge in. these are the perfect family activities that can keep the child engaged and happy.

1. Making Family Faces

Family Faces Activity

One of the most fun family engagement activities for the preschoolers is making the family faces. This activity involves using a plenty of things to make the faces of the members of the family. First of all you need to gather things like paper plates, markers and diverse coloured pre-cut yarn in addition to buttons or say the googly-eyes. You must not forget to have glue and craft sticks in your material collection. Now parents and children can sit to use this material to make the faces of different members of the family. Paper plates can be used to make the face, buttons can be used to make eyes, threads can help make hair and rest depends on your creativity.

2. Making Sponge Painting

sponge painting


Painting is an all-time favourite activity of preschoolers. This is another family activity that is perfect for preschoolers. You need to gather things like people shaped sponges as well as paint in the shallow trays plus the construction paper. Using this material, your children can make the painting of all the family members and you can surely assist them in doing so. You can also go in for making use of play dough cookie cutters in order to dip into the paint.

3. Making Magazine Collage

Magazine Making Collage

This is one of the most conventional family activities that preschoolers love to do for sure. For this all you need is to have a good collection of magazines, scissors and glue. Now all of you, as a family need to sit down and cut pictures of people doing family activities. Now taking a big sheet of chart, you need to help your child to stick all these images on this chart. If you do not want to trouble your preschooler much then you can do the cutting part all on your own.

4. Puppet show

Puppet Show

In this family activity, you need to have an animal shaped origami in hand of each and every family member. Now you can indulge in role playing and assign your child a role of one of the family members and they perform dialogues. Alternatively, you can have origami in hand of all the family members except the child and then one by one each family member ask child the questions about yourself.

5. Family Helpers

This is one game that can preferably be played during the weekend. In this activity, the child gets to decide as to what activities each member of the house is supposed to do. These activities generally relate to the household chores that are normally conducted by the females like doing dishes and folding clothes in addition to washing the pet excreta. While all the members of the family are busy doing the job assigned to them, the child bears the responsibility of supervising and offering a helping hand to all.

All in all, these are some of the really fun activities that parents and children can perform together. Not only does these activities help in developing different skills in a child but at the same time offers the entire family an opportunity to spend some quality time together.

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