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How To Make Kids Eat Their Veggies?

Small kids are full of energy all time. They are always running from one corner of the house to the other. And if your kid is just sitting in a corner doing nothing, it means that something is just not right. In order for them to be energized all day, you need to make sure that your kid is getting the right nutrition and a proper balanced diet. But small kids are nothing but fussy when it comes to food. And making them eat green vegetables is nothing short of a nightmare. But there are some old tricks that help in coaxing your kiddo to eat their veggies.

Start with small portions


Do not give them a lot of on their plate. If your kid feels that they have something on their plate they can never finish, they might not even start with the food. So, in order to make them at least start eating their green veggies, give them small portions and tell them that they just have to taste it and if they don’t like it, they won’t have to eat more.

Trick them


It is a little nasty but sometimes tricking them is essential. Tell them that they had it the other day and they loved it. They will get confused and at least in order to test if they liked it earlier. Another trick you can resort to is mixing green veggies with some other vegetable they like in a way that it is not visible to them and they end up eating all of it.

Make the plate colourful and attractive


Kids never eat something until and unless it is appeasing to their eye that is why it is said that kids eat from their eyes not from their mouth. So it is important that when you serve them something new want them to try, you make it attractive and colourful. A good presentation will immediately make them think that it is something tasty and will instantly try it and not give you a hard time.

A little encouragement goes a long way

Sometimes you need to go old school. Encourage and appreciate your kid whenever they complete their plate and when you are giving them something new to eat that you feel they might be a little against, they might end up eating it in order to get a few words of praise from you.

Bring variety to the table


If you want your kid to eat green veggies then you need to bring variety to the table. Give them new veggies every day. Shuffle among cabbage, spinach, beans, gourd, etc. so that your kid doesn’t think that it’s a task to eat green veggies and at the same time get bored of the same veggies every day.

It’s important that your kid inculcates good habit early in life like eating green veggies else when they become an adolescent, it becomes very difficult to make them try new things.

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