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Tips For A Doctor Mother During COVID-19

In this time of quarantine when we all locked inside our home with safety. The people that are helping the world by risking their own life are the doctors. While they are working with everything they got. They are missing important times with their families and children. Especially mothers who are doctors. So in this article, we will talk about tips for a doctor mother during COVID-19.

Tips for a doctor mother during COVID-19

When you are a doctor and a mother as well there are many things that you need to consider. Especially now that we are going through this time. Being a doctor it’s important that you will go and fulfill your responsibility as a doctor. Although we would all agree that being a mother comes with its own responsibility as well. So let’s see some of the things you can do to manage them both well.

Come home sanitized


Being a doctor you would be dealing with a lot of patients that are going through COVID-19. Even though you are a doctor and will be wearing a lot of protective gear. Still, you need to make sure when you leave for home you get sanitized. This will be easy to do as all the hospitals have sanitizer spray. So even though you are a doctor and must know about the virus more. Still being sure isn’t a bad thing to use the sanitizer spray on you before you head back home.

If you can take a pair of clothes

Like we all heard that Coronavirus can stay alive on things for a long time. When you are dealing with patients all day that have COVID-19. You cannot go back home with the same clothes that you were wearing during the treatment. So if you can take a pair of clothes and leave your work clothes there only.

Take a bath as soon as you get home

The first thing that you need to do to make sure that no one else gets infected when you get back home is taking a bath. The best thing will be to take a bath as there can be a possibility that you may have some virus particles in your hands. This will make sure that you save your child with any possibility of getting infected. So before you go and hold your child or anyone in your family make sure to take a bath.

Don’t talk about work at home

There will be a time when you will see some patients getting in bad shape and some will even die. You don’t want to talk about any of that in your home especially in front of your child. Talking about those things can traumatize the child. Also, it can leave him in fear of this COVID-19 and for sure you don’t want that.

Explain to them what they should do

We all know that every child learns everything by watching their parents. So as a mother it’s your responsibility that your child learns everything. As that will help them stay safe during this COVID-19. Tell them the benefits of staying at home. Talk about what they hear on the TV and correct them if they hear anything wrong.

Also, teach them how to wash hands during the times of COVID-19. If someone shows any symptoms of COVID-19 stay at least 3 metered away from them. Teach them everything that they should know about staying safe during COVID-19.

Comfort Kids During Covid19


Last thing that you can do as a mother is comfort your child. Every child needs comfort during scary times. Even if you think that your child is not worried it’s not true. Every child gets worried about their parents. He may not get worried about himself but for sure he will get worried about you. As you go out and put yourself at risk every day. So make sure you comfort them and communicate with them.

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