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What To Add In Diet To Prevent Corona Virus

We all know that there is yet no vaccine to prevent Corona virus, however one of the way to deal with it is making our immunity strong. There are a plenty of food sources that can help to boost the immune system to prevent contracting the virus and help the body recover faster in case one has already contracted the virus. So while you go out on shopping errand so as to stock up things for the safety, there are certain sections you need to explore to protect you and your loved ones against infections. Though eating these foods do not guarantee not contracting the virus but surely helps to boost the immunity. Right from the vitamin-rich fruits to perks of bone broth, following our some items that you need to add to your diet right away.

Vitamin C


Also popularly known as ascorbic acid, Vitamin C helps boost the immune system. Some sources of this vitamin are raw apples, carrots, and crudités which also supply your body with the fiber and antioxidants. You must also purchase lemons, broccoli, oranges, bell peppers, kiwi as well as papaya.


Zinc Food

It is a proven fact that deficiency of zinc renders an individual more vulnerable to disease as well as illness. This nutrient lays an imperative role in maintaining the ability of the body to make new cells as well as enzymes in addition to processing carbohydrate, fat as well as protein in food. The presence of this nutrient enhances the speed of healing the muscles and the wounds. Not only this, but Zinc also helps in combating colds and viruses. One can add red meats, nuts, whole grains as well as legumes to their diet.

Fermented foods

fermented food

Fermented foods are known to promote the growth of good bacteria implying that when these are in high levels in your body, the immune level of your body is also high preventing you against viral infections.



Ginger is one of the few ingredients that can rightly be termed as the saviour in every situation. This antioxidant combats cold and flu symptoms in addition to nausea. It is a rich source of iron, zinc, calcium as well as magnesium. Ginger is known to stimulate the defensive responses in upper respiratory as well as digestive mucosa helping the body against defending infections.

Bone broth

bone borth

In case you are a meat-eater then there are plenty of eating options for you and one of these is bone broth. This is well supplied with L-Glutamine that supports the cells repair apart from strengthening the immune system. Also these supply your body calcium, magnesium as well as potassium with fish bone broth providing you iodine as well.

Overall, these are some of the many food items that you can add to your list to deal with this virus. However, it is suggested that you must take advice from your doctor in case you are allergic to any of these.

Corona out Health in- Wonder foods and home remedies to boost immunity amid outbreak!

WHO has already declared COVID-19 as a Pandemic! It has distressed the world, and many countries are combating the menace posed by this deadly virus. After an in-depth survey, complete protection from Coronavirus is just a myth! The only way to prevent you and your family from its repercussions is a healthy immune system.

Your hygiene standards and dietary intake will now be a deciding factor for protection against coronavirus outbreak. The application of home remedies for improving the immune system is the need of an hour. To take proper preventive measures is the only way out to overcome this deadly virus.

How can you protect yourself from corona infection?

An appropriate chart of diet, exercise, adequate supplements, and good hygiene is the key to a healthy immune system. Especially while traveling, make it a point to use sanitizers, cover hands and mouths, and gloves and masks. All this can keep you away from outside infections. Staying aware is of vital importance at this point.

People exposed to pre-existing illnesses such as hypertension, respiratory disorder, and cardiovascular problems possess the Spartan risk of Coronavirus infection. Older age is the hotspot of this virus as immunity starts weakening with age. The younger generation can better fight this issue as they have robust resistance to kick any infections. But beware of addictive intakes like drugs, alcohol, and smoking as they are slow killers.

Diet to prevent Corona Virus

Food plays an important role in the overall development of our health and immunity system. Eating right is the key to a boosted immunity system. Intake of top immunity boosting foods can get you the best outcomes. Let’s understand the diet role in the development of immunity. Are you wondering about what is the food that can help improve the immunity COVID diet? Here is a perfect diet to prevent the Coronavirus.

Stay low on carbs as it helps in the regulation of your sugar levels. Emphasize protein-rich foods as they help in weight loss. Vegetables and fruits keep you equipped with Beta carotene, vitamins, and ascorbic acids. What foods protect you against viral infections?

5 Foods that boost immunity

Immunity Boosting Food

Red Bell Peppers- Vitamin C is a perfect source to combat viral infections, and red bell peppers are a prime source. A single cup of bell peppers can give you 211% of daily Vitamin C. It’s double of what you retrieve from orange. It’s a boon for all respiratory infections, and that’s a significant concern with the Coronavirus.

Broccoli- It is another excellent source of Vitamin C. Doctors recommend the intake of this vitamin for better immunity to fight corona or any other viral infections. 43% of daily Vitamin C requirements cope up with a half cup of Broccoli.

Chickpea- This is a magic immunity-boosting food. Packed with proteins and amino acids, it regulates body enzymes for proper body functioning.

Garlic- Doctors are highly prescribing garlic intake to prevent corona infection. Garlic maintains blood pressure and minimizes the risk of any heart disease. It is enriched with sulfur compounds and can fight various infections.

Spinach- This readily available and inexpensive vegetable is full of Vitamin C and antioxidants. Regular intake of this vegetable can develop a shield of immune cells in your body. It also has the right amount of Beta Carotene, which again is an immunity booster supplement.

Besides, other immunity boosting foods comprise of turmeric milk, yogurt, mushrooms, and strawberries. Eating right will reduce the corona threat massively.

Home Remedies for improving immunity system

immunity activities

Apart from eating immunity foods, following a proper lifestyle, can also help in not falling prey to the Coronavirus. A healthy and organized schedule can be immensely helpful in building immunity.  Keep track of certain important things mentioned below:

7-8 hours of daily sleep – Snoozing for the correct time can be a significant player in immunity development. Sleep deprivation makes you feel tired and no energy left to do anything. Brain activity hampers with less sleep and directly impacts the immunity level. Remember to lower the immunity level, and higher will be the chance of viruses to capture you.

Drink lots of water- An average of 8-10 glasses daily water intake is a must for every person. Whether there is any virus or no, this much needs to be drunk each day. Hydration is a very crucial part of the human body functioning. It flushes all unnecessary toxins out of your body and decreases the risk of infections. Along with water, other liquid intakes include coconut water and citrus fruit juices.

Exercise regularly- Immunity is always a combination of exercise and diet. 30 to 45 minutes of daily workout dose can free your body from all harmful toxins and build up great stamina. If not started up yet, add it at least for a healthy immune system. Proper metabolism in your body can be a key to an infection-free system.

Meditate regularly- Meditation regularly releases cortisol hormone in your body. It makes your body free from infections and relaxes all nerves of your body. You can go to YouTube and search for some soul-soothing meditation sessions.

Avoid any addictive intakes- This is also an essential part of the diet to prevent the Coronavirus. Smoking weakens the lung capacity and destroys the respiratory tracts massively. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead you to the state of ARDS, which is also the disastrous symptom of COVID-19. Understand the seriousness of this outbreak and protect yourself from unwanted guests.

A big no to travel- COVID-19 is an imported disease as it always comes in when invited. If you go out to receive it, it can surely join you. Do not expose to public transport or gatherings unless urgent. Remember, corona stays on surfaces for quite a long hours, so protection of the body while moving out is mandatory. Sanitization is the key to prevention.

Supplements for boosting immunity

The above steps can help, but it’s always better to be as safe as possible. Dietary supplements determine the healthy base of your immunity system. They can throw the viruses from the body also prevent their entry. However, you can also consult your family physician to get a set of perfect supplements as per your daily requirements. Nurturing yourself with these super foods can throw corona out of your system.

Vitamin C- Vitamin C is a significant participant for the enhanced immunity system. COVID symptoms are similar to viral cold and fever. It can be crucial if this disease reaches out to later stages. Intake of this vitamin exhilarates antioxidants and reduces the chances of flu. Even for acute respiratory distress syndrome, this supplement has shown excellent outcomes.

Vitamin D- This dietary food also has some amount of effect to fight respiratory tract infections.

Zinc- Its again a significant component of WBC. It fights severe infections, and its deficiency can lead to critical ailments like cold, flu, or other diseases. Older people should include this in their daily diet.

Turmeric and Garlic- Daily intake of these immunity boosters ensures about 50% prevention from COVID attack. Turmeric has curcumin, which helps boost up immunity. Garlic again is a potent component that has many anti-viral properties in it. It has the potential capacity to fight various kinds of infections and enhance protection.

All facts detailed above are the significant components of healthy well-being to fight the corona outbreak. Including them in your lifestyle will ensure an excellent shield against this deadly disease.

Corona is just an infection that can attack you only if your body is not immune to fight it. Preventing it is best possible with a healthy immunity system. A few other home remedies for improving the immune system are as stated below:

  • Try to intake warm water the whole day along with the diet mentioned above to prevent Coronavirus.
  • Regular yoga sessions in the morning can help in inhaling fresh air and adding life to your respiratory system. Oxygen levels are very high during morning time, and its best to prevent any viral infection.
  • Meditate for half an hour anytime throughout the day. It relaxes your brain and enhances brain activity excessively.
  • Intake of health and immunity boosters such as Cumin, Turmeric, Garlic, and Coriander is beneficial.
  • Add herbal tea to your morning regime. It can be the best immunity booster drink for you. Ensure that it comprises of Holy basil, black pepper, Cinnamon, Raisin, and Dry ginger.
  • Do not eat sugar. Jaggery is an excellent substitute for it.
  • Before going to bed, the application of ghee or coconut oil to nostrils can keep in clean from any blockages.
  • Take regular steam with added mint leaves or Caraway seeds.


COVID-19 is a global pandemic and is life-threatening. War with this infection is a very long one. Short term treatments won’t work on its eradication. A healthy immune system is the base of a useful life. Everyone needs to change their lifestyle to eliminate this disease from their lives. Stay at home, eat a healthy diet to prevent the Coronavirus, maintain social distancing, and stay hydrated. These key measures can help you in winning the Corona battle. It can be a real tribute to health workers fighting out to remove this viral out of our lives!

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