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Some DONTs you must keep in mind while parenting

Children are nothing if not younger replicas of their parents. They learn from adults and therefore, there are certain things that a parent must keep in their mind while parenting. The first thing is that parenting is not all about words, but more about actions. Your involuntary unintentional behaviour can leave a bigger impact on your child than your well-thought out words. This is why it is important not to do, say or act in a certain manner when your child is around.

Commenting on their physical appearance:

physical appearance

Negative comments about a child’s physical appearance, no matter what it is can be a blow to their self-esteem and they will learn to expect same kind of behaviour from others and will also behave the same way towards others.

Don’t speak ill of anyone:

Don’t speak ill

Kids are attentive listeners and nothing much passes by them. So avoid talking ill of others in front of your child. They might reveal it in front of others or worse, learn to back bitch about others.

Comparing your kid with others:

Comparing your kid

Comparison can make your child feel disappointed by themselves. All children are unique and thus, you should never compare your child.

Comparing your kid with yourself:

Some parents have a habit of doing this. They begin by saying “When I was your age..” but that isn’t right. Situation is different and your child is different than you or his/her sibling. Each child has their own pace of development.

Don’t disrespect your spouse in front of the child:


If you disrespect your spouse while your child is present, whether it is the father that is dominating or the mother, or if both yell at one another, it can cause trauma for the child. The child grows up avoiding conflict and avoids taking a stand for himself even when necessary. It also changes the way the child would view relationships as an adult. All spouses have their differences but it is batter to be civil and nice in front of the child.

Avoid gadgets:

Children easily get attracted by gadgets and technology but it is also easier for children to become screen addicts. It is by parents setting an example through avoiding gadget themselves that children will learn that there are other things in life than internet and technology. Get in the habit of reading newspaper instead and only use gadgets when necessary or for an urgent work need.

Don’t smoke or drink:


If parents are in the habit of smoking and drinking, children will normalize the habits as well. And if they inculcate these habits in their life as well, parents will be in no position to question them.

These little Don’ts can make a lot of difference to your child’s life.

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