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Ten Changes New Parents Face

Many things change when you become a parent. Here are some of the changes you will see in your life:

1. Brain functions differently

New Parents Face

Your brain starts preparing you even before you have become a parent by releasing hormones. Your emotion-processing network becomes more active. The oxytocin will make your bond instantly with your baby and dopamine will make you feel good about having become a parent.

2. You become attentive to your baby’s needs

New Parents Face

Have you ever wondered how only the parents know what the kid wants? Whether it is feeding, peeing, changing diaper, sleep or anything else? The areas of brain used for cognitive empathy becomes active after becoming a parent and one is able to feel what the baby needs. You are able to read non-verbal cues as well.

3. You think and feel together

Thinking rationally and feeling emotional goes side-by-side in new parents. Parenting makes you a multi-tasker.

4. Less stress and forgetfulness

New Parents Face

After pregnancy, women do feel hormonal changes that will reduce their stress but also make them forgetful. Recollection becomes hard in the postpartum period.

5. It feels like there is meaning in your life

New Parents Face

Even if you are not the one who has given birth, having a child to take care of changes your life emotionally. Even with mixed feelings, happiness and nervousness, you feel glad to have the opportunity to raise a kid.

6. Intense physical and psychological challenges

Every mom and dad go through this. A mother has different physical and psychological challenges to face postpartum and a father goes through different challenges while taking care of both the mother and child. Recovery from pregnancy, adjusting to fatigue and disturbed lifestyle is just as challenging and a father staying up to take care of the kid and going through sleepless nights.

7. Your bond with your partner will be testedNew Parents Face

Having a child really changes the dynamics of a relationship and it can strain your bond with your partner. You might fight over illogical things. It won’t last long.

8. Forget social and family life

Friends and relatives seem like additional baggage when you are already dealing with the pressure of raising a child. New parents see a lot of shifts in their social life until they have learned to settle into a new life with their kid.

9. Instincts are reliable

New Parents Face

Your internal compass will be different now and you might feel that you are doing things you previously wouldn’t. It is alright. Trust your instincts.

10. You crave connection and support

Support is needed, from your partner, your loved ones, your relatives and other new parents that your know. Being left alone to raise a kid can cause a lot of stress, since you do not know where to begin.

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