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Unusual ways to keep your child amused

Playing with your child and letting them indulge in creative activities will allow them to grow up with natural skills and a strong creative minds. Here are some amusing ways to keep your child entertained:

1.Dough Art:

dough art

Children love to play with bread dough. What you can do to help them is defrost the bread dough for four hours and give your kid an apron so they do not make a mess of the place. Once they are done creating something, bake it in the oven and show them what they have made.

2.Backward Day:


This is one of the unusual activities that kids adore. It is one of the ways to break away the monotony of normal routine. Pick a non-school day for this and do everything backward. Let them wear the clothes backward, serve the food in a backward order with dessert first.

3.Leafy Art:

leaf print

Take your kid to a garden and ask them to collect leaves of different shape, sizes and colours. Then put different colours in a plate and let them dip leaves in it, one by one and put it on a chart paper to create leafy designs. Paste some actual leaves on it just to make it look prettier.

4.Fun With Blankets:


Making a tent-house with blankets is something we all have done as a kid. Help your kid make an actual fluffy house from blankets and also let them stay in it. It will be one cuddly soft tent.

5. Stars gazing:

Kid looking at the stars with binoculars

Sharing the sight of the night sky with your kid is a magical experience. Talk to them about different stars and make up stories. No need to get into naming every constellation, let them make up names and stories regarding different stars. This will give flights to their imagination. You can also let them count the stars while they blink away.

6.Beach shell art

beach shell

Beaches are filled with beautiful shells and you can let your kid collect different shells and make a photo frame out of it. Or let them make a nice piece of art from it. But remember to do the gluing part yourself.

7.Compliment game

This is an unusual game but one that will improve language skills and social skills in your child. Let your child compliment different objects in the room and also compliment your kid, let their dad compliment them. Teach them the art of giving and receiving compliments.

8.Pillow fight

pillow fight

There is nothing more engaging and fun than a family pillow fight. Make sure to use light pillows and do not hit too hard. Be at a safe surface and unleash all the fun.

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