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Tips for a healthy pregnancy

Pregnancy stage is the most crucial stage in the life of a woman. She is required to take care of both herself and her baby. The health of her offspring depends on her. Also, the habits of her young one depend on her habits. She must take an appropriate pregnancy diet, sleep well, do yoga, and take care of her emotional being. A becoming mother also needs to visit the gynecologist timely. It is essential to know do’s and don’ts of pregnancy very well. A safe healthy pregnancy promises a healthy child. Therefore, you must follow the advice of your doctor and elders at the same time.

Here are some tips for a healthy pregnancy diet that will help a woman fight all pregnancy-related issues.

Healthy Pregnancy tips

A woman’s body experiences various changes during healthy pregnancy. You have to keep up with the growing baby and her health. You have to maintain a balance between your baby’s upcoming life and your present life. You must take a proper pregnancy diet rich in fiber and nutrients. You must also take prenatal vitamins, do pregnancy exercise, track pregnancy weight gain, and avoid drinking alcohol. Instead of alcoholic beverages, you can take fresh fruit juices. You can do pilates, swimming, and yoga only after consulting the specialist.

Basic healthy pregnancy advice

A pregnant woman receives various advice and feedback from people. The fundamental advice that everyone gives her is to take a balanced diet rich in calcium, iron, and protein. Exercise is also very significant. Exercising can help her reduce labor pains. It also lowers the risk of miscarriages. You must stay away from all sorts of drugs and alcohol complications. You must not take a lot of caffeine.

Exercises during pregnancyhealthy pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy can help her control excess weight gain and maintain a healthy pregnancy & healthy lifestyle. Regular pregnancy exercise can ease delivery. It may also reduce back pain and give the baby a healthier start. A good exercise schedule builds immunity in both mother and her offspring.

You can do the following exercises during pregnancy:

1. Brisk walking

Regular walking in the garden or the neighborhood is the best way to begin brisk walking during healthy pregnancy. It doesn’t cause any impact on the knees and ankles. As pregnancy progresses, you must wear comfortable footwear and avoid moving on coarse and hard surfaces. You must choose smooth surfaces and walk with the help of someone.

2. Aerobics

If you are pregnant, you can opt for low-impact aerobics as a part of your daily routine. It lowers stress on your joints and pelvic muscles. One of your feet must stay on the ground always. You can also join aerobics classes, which are designed especially for pregnant women.

3. Swimming

Swimming does not put stress on the joints. You must choose a stroke that does not put pressure on your muscles and feels comfortable. You must avoid diving as it may put pressure on your abdomen. You can use the railing for balance.

Pregnancy exercisehealthy pregnancy

Pregnancy exercise is the most crucial step for a pregnant lady. Taking care of herself and the young one is very important. Pregnancy exercises help keep the mother and baby well. She must do pregnancy exercises under expert supervision. She can do various pregnancy exercises to keep her body sound. It is something to minimize pregnancy problems in one go. It boosts her mood, makes her and her baby’s heart free of all diseases, and boosts brain health. At most, she must only do 30 minutes of exercise in a day.

She should follow a daily schedule which includes cardiovascular exercises and interval training workouts. She can also practice some outdoor sports, flexibility, and strength exercises. She must take care that the exercises she practices are fit for pregnancy and do not put pressure on her joints. She can do pilates, prenatal yoga, weight lifting, tai chi, etc. to build her strength and immunity.

Prenatal yoga

healthy pregnancy

Prenatal yoga is extremely beneficial for becoming mothers. It relieves them of stress and worries. Prenatal yoga also helps and prepares you for labor pains and delivery. It makes you breathe deeply and feel the power of your conscience. It also relieves you of morning sickness, swollen ankles, and leg cramps. It helps you boost inner strength. You can do the following prenatal yoga asanas to keep yourself and your baby healthy.

1. Gate Pose (Parighasana)

Sit on the yoga mat with legs bent. Then inhale and raise your arms. Curve your body on the right side as you exhale slowly. Inhale and relieve your arms. Then rest and breath gently. After that, move your legs to the other side and repeat.

This pose helps to stabilize your breath, tone your muscles, ease digestion, and increase the flexibility of the spine. Exercising this pose every day may prove to be very helpful for your baby’s health.

2. Ankle to knee pose

You can do hip openers or ankle to knee pose. It is also known as Padmasana. It helps in relieving tension in your glutes and other muscles. You must fold your knees, put your palms on them, and sit on the floor. Put your left foot on the right knee and do the same with the other leg. Keep your palms gently on knee and foot together and exercise a deep breath while sitting straight. You can look to your condition and then gently stretch forward if you can. It boosts your baby’s memory and makes him develop insight from the beginning.

3. Virabhadrasana

Virabhadrasana is very helpful for pregnant women. It is the most graceful yoga pose. You need to stand straight with your legs apart, turn your right foot by 90 degrees and left foot in. Lift your arms parallel to the shoulders. Now, bend your right knee while exhaling. Your right knee and ankle must form a straight line. Stretch your arms and muscles as you bend down. Now inhale while you come up and bring your arms to the sides while exhaling. Repeat this posture with the left side. You must not do this posture more than twice a day. It helps to increase stamina in the body. It strengthens and shapes your arms and leg muscles. It helps you get rid of back pain as well.

4. Tadasana

This asana forms the basis of yoga practice. Anyone can practice this asana. You must practice this asana in the morning, with an empty stomach. You must stand straight with your feet and hip apart. Your spine should be straight, and your palms must face your thighs. Now, join your hands, inhale deeply and stretch your hands above your head. Stretch your back and try to look at your fingertips. You must hold this position for around 10 seconds and then exhale and return. This asana helps improve blood circulation and joint movements in the body.

5. Shavasana

It is also known as corpse pose. It indicates the end of the yoga session. While performing Shavasana, you must lie straight on the floor and breath deeply. It reduces the restlessness of the mind and gives you the strength to deal with pregnancy-related issues.

Prenatal Vitamins

Taking appropriate nourishment during pregnancy is a great deal.  You can acquire essential nutrients by taking prenatal vitamin supplements. However, excess of such vitamins may lead to side effects as well. You must take folic acid as one of the best vitamin supplements. The cells in the body need folic acid to grow properly. You must take around 400 mcg of folic acid for at least a month to avoid brain and back problems associated with your baby. However, before taking any prenatal vitamin, you must consult your doctor about its side effects.   You can also take some chew-able vitamins like calcium capsules.

Track pregnancy weight gain

Most of the women are concerned with weight gain during pregnancy. You must be ready for the weight gain when you are about to conceive. You start gaining weight from the first trimester itself. The weight gain is least during this period because of morning sickness. Women gain around 1.6 kg during this period. Most of the weight gain is in the second trimester. You may gain around 7 kg during the second trimester. It is the result of the change in eating attitudes. In the third trimester, women gain around 5-6 kg. It is normal weight gain as the baby is developing each day.

Experts suggest women track their weight during the three trimesters and to keep it within a steady range. Gaining extra weight can pose a threat to both your health and your baby’s health. You must follow a proper weight gain chart and track your monthly weight gain through it. Your health is normal if you gain around 11- 16 kgs during pregnancy, depending on the body mass index. However, if your BMI is more than 30, then you must do regular exercise and a healthy pregnancy diet to lose weight. It indicates that you are becoming obese. It may also cause a problem post-pregnancy.

If you gain less than the recommended weight, then you may conceive a small baby. Small babies face various problems and difficulties during the first months. They have less immunity as compared to other babies. They may also face difficulty in nourishment.

Nutrition during pregnancy

Health is a very significant factor during pregnancy. You need to take proper nutrition and diet to maintain your health. Here are some nutrients that you need to take in pregnancy:

1. Calcium

It helps to build strong bones and muscles. The main sources of calcium are milk, cheese, and curd. You need to take about 1000 mg of calcium daily.

2. Vitamin D

Vitamin D helps your body in the absorption of other nutrients. You can take vitamin D from sunlight. You can also take it from fortified milk, and salmon. You need to take 600 IUs of vitamin D daily.

3. Vitamin B12 and B6

Vitamin B6 is very essential in building red blood cells. It helps your body to use protein properly. You can get vitamin B6 in whole grain cereals and fruits like banana. It prevents eye diseases in the baby. You can find vitamin B12 only in animal products. You need to take 260 mg of vitamin B12 daily.

4. Iron

Iron helps the cells to transport oxygen to your baby. It is very important for your baby’s development and growth. You can get iron from dried beans, peas, and iron-rich cereals. You must take 27 mg per day for the appropriate development of your body.

Travel restriction for pregnant women

There are many travel restrictions for pregnant women. Some domestic flights allow traveling up to the 36th week. However, some international flights place travel restrictions after the 28th week. The safest time for you to travel is the second trimester if you are not experiencing any pregnancy complications. You must avoid traveling to developing nations and constructing cities. You must look into your health and take care that you are not experiencing cervical problems, vaginal bleeding, gestational diabetes, or hypertension. You must not travel if you are 35 years of age or above. Also, if you are pregnant for the first time, you must avoid traveling. Before traveling to any place, you must consult your doctor. You must not climb stairs or travel through buses and trains during pregnancy. It may put a jerk on your pelvic.

Pregnancy cravings

Pregnancy cravings start in the first trimester and are the highest in the second trimester. Women start craving for odd combinations of food that they have never eaten before. Pregnant women develop specific tastes and textures. This might be due to the changing hormones. According to the professionals, some women experience cravings even after the delivery. Pregnancy cravings may also start due to morning sickness. Little aversion to food is also common during pregnancy. You may feel like munching something every time. You can opt for dry fruits as they build immunity and sharpen the memory of your child.

Sleep pattern during pregnancy

There is a complete change in sleep patterns during pregnancy. Hormonal changes can be the reason for changes in sleep patterns. Your sleep ability might increase as days pass. Changes in sleep occur in both quantity and quality during pregnancy. It may cause some psychological problems, physical discomfort, and fatigue. Some women may face night awakening even after delivery. Women might also experience sleep disorders like sleep apnea for the first time in their lives.

Things to avoid during pregnancy

There are a lot of things that are to avoid during pregnancy. These things might affect your offspring adversely. It may indulge bad habits and cravings in your child. To enable the appropriate development of your child, you must follow some restrictions and guidelines during pregnancy.

You must avoid the following things during pregnancy:

  • Eating raw meat and fish
  • Smoked seafood
  • Soft cheese
  • Wearing tight-fitting clothes
  • Painting household items
  • A large amount of caffeine
  • Taking a bath in hot water
  • Sitting by the side of the smoker
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Standing for a very long time
  • Raw eggs
  • Dancing

Avoiding these things might help you deliver a safe pregnancy. It will be beneficial for both you and your child. It also promises you the better health of your offspring.

When to visit the gynecologist?

The most important question that most of the pregnant women face is when to visit the gynecologist. As you are expecting a child, you must increase your visits to the doctor. In 4 to 28 weeks, you require one parental visit each month. From 28 to 36 weeks, you might increase it to 2 visits every week. From 36 to 40 weeks, you need only one parental visit every week. However, some complications might require frequent visits. If you have some pre-existing health problems or if you are facing some medicinal problems, then you need regular tests. Your visits depend on your health complications and your appointment with the gynecologist.

Pregnancy requires efforts from both the parents. It is the most precious time for the spouses. They need to take care of every aspect of both mother’s and baby’s health. You must take care of the right diet, do appropriate exercises, food cravings, labor pain, etc.  The above pregnancy tips might solve your problems during your special time. It gives your baby a new outlook in life. The things you experience during pregnancy might leave an impact on your child’s behavior. It is very important for a becoming mother to watch healthy TV shows, live happily, and think positively. It results in the healthy life of her child.

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