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5 things a Father can do to Differently Bond with his Children

Infant’s closely related to their father’s voice only, when in the womb. Therefore, it is said fathers must keep talking and singing for their kids even before they are born.

Father and child’s relation are the most beautiful one. I read it somewhere which left a deep impact on me, ‘My mom loves me because she kept me closer to her heart for 9 months and felt every heartbeat of mine too, but dad you never knew anything about me! Then why do you still unconditionally love me?’ if you ever get the answer, do share!

Fathers are cooler than moms. They don’t get fussy about tantrums, prefer chocolates and chips over a mundane home-cooked food, never do they scold for breaking glass and always ready to help even in midnight for untangling mysteries. The most sacred bond, which is full of selfless love and joyous moments.

Father’s though naturally skilled, can practice these 5 things to bond differently and strongly with their children:

1. Try not to miss their First Experiences

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Parents are as excited as children for their first experience. Who doesn’t want to be with their kids in their first steps, when they jump for the first time, and the list goes on! When a father is present in every first of their child, he makes him feel loved, valued and builds up his confidence level.

2. Attend their school meetings with them

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This is the most important phase of one’s life. I loved it when my father used to take a keen interest in my academic as well as other activities performance. He used to encourage me to do better each day and also talked to my teachers about their behavior towards me. These things build up a different connection as a child feels that his/her father cares and is always looking upon them. Toddlers tend to automatically end up sharing everything with you without giving a second thought to it.

3. Plan to go to places with them

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With mothers on the trip, toddlers know what it is going to be like. Let’s exchange the roles. Organize a trip, get excited and pack your toddler’s bags, as this is going to be fun, crazy trip. Tell your child about what you have planned to do, where you will be staying and every detail. As it gets him excited to be with you and also will he see your different entertaining and adventurous side. You can get closer to your child than ever before. What more does one need than bonding without any video games, apps, or smartphones!

4. Hugs and kisses are magical

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Hugs and kisses are the way of saying you care and love them. But make sure you don’t reserve it for some occasions or festivals. Practice it more often, like when they wake up and before bedtime. This shows kindness, rewarding nature towards your child. It is also seen that connections through touching are built more deeply and strongly. Children need more of it than others. Keep loving!

5. Be a father whom they look upon always, and a friend when they need to talk

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When you try to become a friend than always remember to never go overboard with it. As it can spoil your delicate parent-child relationship. Be a father whom they look upon to and always come to for help or to draw lines of discipline, respect for the everyone and also to be well-behaved. When they want to share their feelings out or tell a truth, be sure you are just like a patient and supporting friend as they are looking for.

Fathers are the emotional as well as practical guide in children’s life. They are the only capable caretakers and fun igniters for kids. 

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