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Earth needs our Help!

Mahatma Gandhi once said that there is enough in this world for a man’s need but not for a man’s greed. It is sad to see the condition of the entire planet Earth and the one being responsible for the situation is us. The very intelligent human being.

The damage done to Earth to quench the human greed is to an extent that one can compose volumes for the same. While we busy ourselves and our energies dealing with the petty issues of our lives that we forget the damage that is done on a bigger scale. We are worried that our compound is not clean, but have we wondered the tons of dirt that gather in the ocean day by day poisoning the home of various aqua life? A huge whale dies because of too much plastic deposited in her stomach. The whale definitely didn’t consume fast food or some junk snacks. We did and we threw the wrappers in the sea. And the whale paid the price. Is it so difficult to dispose of plastic wrappers in the right manner?


People with various lung problems have already started wearing masks, doctors have started to recommend masks considering the air quality. We are willing to buy the masks, but not willing to take individual steps to improvise the situation. Gardening and planting trees should not be a hobby anymore but a mandatory measure. Planting seeds and watching the plant growth is very peaceful.


The sea throws tons of garbage back every monsoon. Nature’s law is the same for everyone. It is trying to tell us that dear human please keep your dirt which you create to yourself. Don’t keep your neighborhood clean by making my resources dirty. But we still keep repeating the mistakes. Why do we leave our bottles back when we visit a beach? It’s a small bottle. Can’t everyone carry their own stuff back, leaving the beach the way it was for others to enjoy? Throwing the food wrappers or chocolate wrappers out of the running trains and vehicles. Why can’t we carry those small wrappers and throw it in a bin? We all have witnessed that when some of us point out it to some elders they get mad. If you are an elder, do the actions which will make you an elder.


We have witnessed people expressing that they are not going to be alive to see what happens after two decades. Agreed! But there are many who want to, that includes your coming generation too. We want our generation to live in a healthy environment or do we want them to suffer?


The damage done to the earth can’t be undone. But we can at least reduce the sufferings of the coming generations by taking some actions and inculcating some habits in our day to day lives. We just can’t rely on the Government to do the fixing. In the end, Government is nothing but to the people, for the people, from the people. Everyone needs to keep their personal sufferings aside for a while and need to think and implement to correct our actions towards the Earth. We have lived the most luxurious life any generation has ever. It is our duty to make the Earth better. We all know that we owe it to our Earth!

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