Ahoi Ashtami 2020 in India: Date, Shubh Muhurat and Puja Vidhi

ahoi ashtami celebration

Following the auspicious fast of Karwachauth 2020 which is kept on the fourth (chauth) day of Kartik Maas is another opportune festival and fast of Ahoi-Ashtami which is kept on the eighth (ashtami tithi) of Kartik Maas.

Ahoi Mata is worshipped on this day as women keep a day-long fast to pray for long and healthy life of their children.


In 2020, Ahoi Ashtami fast would be celebrated on 8th of November, Sunday.


The puja muhurat in India starts from 5:31 PM and ends at 6:50 PM on 8th November 2020.


Celebrated to pay obeisance to Ahoi Mata, the fast is kept by women who have children to pray for their healthy life.

Couples who want to conceive are also encouraged to celebrate this festival. They take baths in the holy Radha Kund of Mathura during sunrise followed by praying to Kushamanda Mata, a form of goddess Durga and keeping the day-long fast till moon rise.

The puja vidhi of this fast includes a day-long nirjala (without water) fast. Women worship Ahoi Mata by starting the fast with a sankalpa (pledge) to complete the vrat sincerely and starting the puja ritual by painting an Ashtakoshtak (eight-edged) image of Ahoi Mata with a cub of lion using geru (orange soil) on a wall or a calendar and place a karwa or earthen pot filled with water and cover it with an earthen lid. Then place a kalash or lota full of water on top of the karwa. For puja thali, include fruits and sweets as offerings to Ahoi Mata and read the Ahoi-Ashtami katha with all sincerity and gratefulness.

Most women open the fast with water by seeing the stars or moon at the night.

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