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Karwa Chauth 2020: Date, Auspicious Time and Rituals

Read the article to explore details about Karwa Chauth 2020 fast rituals, date, and auspicious time and health tips

As per the Hindu rituals, Karwa Chauth is a wonderful celebration of the bond shared by husband and wife. A full day fast, as day approaches closer, many-a-times people get confused about the muhurat which sets the date and time for pooja.

Karwa Chauth fast falls on the fourth day of the month of Kartik of Krishna Paksha which is why the Karwa Chauth 2020 fast would be celebrated on 4th November, Wednesday. The married women keep the fast praying for the long lives of their husbands while many unmarried women are also encouraged to keep the fast as well to get a good husband.


karva chauth rituals

Karwa Chauth 2020 would be celebrated on 4th of November, Wednesday. The muhurat for the pooja would start in the evening from 5:29 pm and would continue till 6:48 pm. The moon will rise at 7:57 pm.

The pooja items for Karwa Chauth includes karwa with lid, lota full of water, Gangajal, incense sticks, chandan, kumkum, roli, rice stands, flowers, raw milk, yogurt, desi ghee, honey, sugar, sweets, mehendi or henna, sindoor or vermillion powder, comb, red bindi, red bangles, red dupatta, toe rings, wooden seat or aasan, sieve or chhalni, halwa-poori, sweets.


karva chauth rituals

Karwa Chauth is celebrated across North and Central India and like food and water, the traditions to celebrate this festival also changes are per the geography and family practice and rituals. There are some rules and rituals that are observed across locations but one must always celebrate the festival as per their family conventions. Here are some rituals that one must follow on Karwa Chauth:

1. One must try to get up early on the day of the festival and eat food served as sargi. Some families might or might not have the tradition to eat sargi. The essential point to have sargi is to keep you energetic throughout the day. The fast is kept starting from sunrise till the moon rise and is opened after the pooja of Karwa Mata followed by the drinking water from the hand of the husband.

2. Since the fast celebrates the husband-wife relationship and all the wonderful things about marriage, on the day of Karwa Chauth, the women keeping the fast should do complete makeup with sixteen adornments or known as solah shringaar including mehendi/henna, sindoor, red bindi, red bangles and toe rings.

3. In the evening, during the auspicious time or muhurat, install the gods and goddesses on the wooden or clay seat/aasan along with the Karwa, Deepak and pooja items as mentioned above. Decorate the karwa chauth thali with incense stick, dhoop, desi ghee deepak, chandan, vermillion (roli) and rice. Listen to the Karwa Mata story and proceed for the Chandrma Pooja (Lunar/Moon pooja).

4. After the karwa maata pooja, add sweets, sieve or chhalni, lota of water to the thali. Once the moon has risen, pour water in the direction of the lunar god or chandrama, followed by drinking the water from the hands. While praying to the lunar god, you can recite this mantra – ‘सौम्यरूप महाभाग मंत्रराज द्विजोत्तम, मम पूर्वकृतं पापं औषधीश क्षमस्व मे।’ The purpose or meaning of this mantra is to bring calmness to the mind and praying to the god asking for forgiveness for the sins of this as well as prior lives. Recite the mantra 3 times while performing the pooja and ask forgiveness for any other mistakes committed while doing the pooja.

Here are some tips to follow before and after the Karwa Chauth fast to stay healthy:

1. Before starting the fast, you can eat apricots and almonds with sargi to build your immunity.

2. You can also add kiwi to the diet or sargi before starting the fast.

3. To stay hydrated throughout the day you can drink coconut water before the fast.

4. If you suffer from acidity because of not eating, you can eat gooseberry jam or amle ka murabba to fight the same.

5. Since you have to fast from sunrise till sunset, do not eat oily or spicy food immediately after opening the fast. Instead, eat food full of protein. You can add cottage cheese or paneer to the menu.

6. In between the fast, do not drink tea or coffee as it can lead to acidity. Opening your fast with oily and spicy food can also lead to headache and gastrointestinal problems.

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