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Reason For Weight Loss in Babies and Why it Should Bother You

Weight loss in babies can be a cause for worry in parents. Seeing your baby look quite tiny and thinking about whether or not you are feeding them enough is worrisome. The reason is that parents are obsessed with chubby babies as chubby kids attract everyone’s attention. But even if your kid is lean, slender and does not have rolls of fat on his cheeks, there is no need to worry.

1. Worm infection

Worm infection

Worms in your baby’s intestine can prevent your baby from gaining weight since the nutrients are not absorbed by your baby despite huge food intake. If worm infection is a possibility, it is essential that you see a pediatrician and get proper medicines prescribed to rid your baby of this problem.

2. Long Gap in meals

Long Gap in meals

Usually kids do not take too long between meals. But if you give long gaps between two meals of your baby, they will not gain weight. It is essential that you feed your baby every 3-4 hours. These smaller meals and snack will be better for your baby than heavy meals after long time.

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3. Lot of Fluids:

Lots of fluids

If your baby does intake semi-solid or solid food now, then it is for you to reduce the liquid intake. If you keep on feeding loads of water or milk to your kid, then he will no longer be hungry and will avoid the intake of food.

4. No absorption of nutrients

If your child is not gaining weight, then you have to try to add high calorie food in your kid’s diet. The case may be that the absorption of nutrients in your baby is low. Try feeding your baby cheese, full cream, ghee, butter and other high calorie foods. If still, there is no difference in your baby’s weight then you should let a doctor know.

5. Weight loss due to illness

Weight loss

After a bout of cold, fever or any such illness, your baby may shed weight. This is because during the illness the baby is unable to get enough nutrients. Without eating and because of the loss of energy due to the illness, the kid sheds weight. As a parent you should worry about this kind of weight loss and ensure that your kid gets back to eating a balanced diet soon after being better.

When is weight loss a concern?

If weight loss is causing symptoms like Decreased urination, drowsiness, stomach ache, thirst or a lack of appetite then it is a cause of worry and you should see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis. Weight loss often leads to lack of proper development of the baby which is why regular check-ups are essential to ensure that the weight loss is not a symptom of anything serious.

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