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7 Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

Prenatal Yoga is a form of exercise which has a lot of benefits during pregnancy. It helps in the proper stretching of a pregnant mother and also focuses her mental health. There are various benefits of Pregnancy Yoga that all pregnant mothers should know about:

#1. Provides stamina and support:


During pregnancy, a mother’s body goes through various bodily changes and she must adjust to these accelerated changes. Pregnancy yoga gives that support to the mother’s body for accepting these changes. After doing this Yoga, pregnant mothers are able to stretch their body muscle and make it strong.

#2. Helps in toning the muscles:

The pelvic floor and the hips of a mother need to be prepared for child birth. Labour puts a lot of pressure on the abdominal muscle so pregnancy yoga helps in toning those muscles. Preparing these muscles during the months of pregnancy takes away the weariness of the body and also helps in easy recovery.

#3.  Prepares the pregnant mother for a better delivery:


A pregnant woman worries a lot about labour pain and how her delivery will be. This fear affects her body as well and during the moment, they often feel more pain because they are nervous and their bodies are not willing to open up. Pregnancy Yoga with its breathing techniques ensures that the lady is relaxed and her body is loosened up.

#4. Connect with the baby:


Yoga classes gives time to the pregnant mother to spend some alone time thinking about the baby that is growing within her. It also helps in keeping track of the progress of the pregnancy as a life grows within you.

#5 Helps build a stronger network with pregnant ladies


Yoga classes are great to find other pregnant ladies and it becomes like a community for the moms who are at a same stage in their lives. They can share their experiences and build a stronger network.

#6. Calms the mind:


A pregnant mother needs to remain calm and composed. If her mind is disturbed, it adversely impacts the baby. The breathing exercises during pregnancy Yoga sends her mind to a parasympathetic mode which is very relaxing for the mind and also enhances her digestive system.

#7. Regulates blood pressure during labor:

The heart rate and blood pressure of a pregnant mother can be regulated better if she has learnt breathing exercises and has done pregnancy yoga. Apart from the months of pregnancy, pregnancy yoga can be most helpful during labor period as if the mother remains calm, the baby will also remain calm.

Always ensure, however, that you do Yoga in a sage environment and under the guidance of an expert while you are pregnant.

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