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Top Brain Gym exercises for kids

Brain-gym exercises are those that helps your kid’s mind more than their body. It helps in making your kid the next Einstein.

1. Cross Crawls:

Cross Crawls

The exercise is meant to release excess stress in kids. Without stress, they can concentrate better on their studies. Cross crawls are done by moving left arm to the right leg, and then switching sides.

2. Lazy Eight’s:

Lazy Eight’s

Drawing the figure eight repeatedly on paper or imaginatively in the air helps loosen your kid’s arm muscles and also increases creativity. It is an all-in-one exercise since it also improves your kid’s eye-muscle coordination and reading speed.

3. Double Doodle:

Double Doodle

In this, your kid needs to draw two images with both hands. It encourages your child to learn and improves his calculation speed and recognition of symbols. It is the best brain gym exercise for kids for better mental development.

4. The Elephant:

A kid needs to stretch one of his hands and place it close to the same-sided ear. He needs to further make the symbol infinity in the air least three times by rotating the extended hand and vice versa. This exercise is meant to improve the bay’s mind and body balance. It also helps with the kid’s attention span, memory and thinking ability.

5. The Active Arm:

brain gym

For this exercise, the kid must stretch one of his arms and the other arm needs to be held at the right angle to hold the extended arm firmly.  The exercise strengthens your kid’s shoulders. It also gives your kid a better tool for controlling skills and hand-eye coordination.

6. The Gravitational Glider:

This is a sitting exercise and while sitting straight on a chair, your kid must stretch his legs and cross the right leg over the left at the ankles. Then he leans forward and stretches the arm to reach up to the feet. This exercise enhances blood and oxygen flow in the kid and boosts his self-expression, confidence, and stability.

7. The Thinking Cap:

For this exercise, your kid has to hold both the ears with his thumbs and the index fingers of both hands and roll and unroll the outer edge of the ear. This exercise is another brain gym exercise meant to improve short-term memory, peripheral vision and your kid’s hearing.

8. Hook-Ups:

This exercise can be performed while standing, sitting, or lying down. For this, your child needs to cross the left ankle over the right one, intertwine the fingers and place them near the chest and breathe deeply. It is a great relaxation exercise that improves concentration power in kids.

These are some of the exercises that kids can do regularly for great mind development.

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