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Amazing Benefits Of Outdoor Games For Kids

Children have gotten used to spending more times indoors than playing outside. Blame it on the gadgets or lethargy but children prefer sitting for hours in front of the TV than going out to the playground. This is why it is important that you instill the importance of outdoor games in your kids and make them get attracted to the prospect of playing in the field.

Being a couch potato can cause kids to grow obese from a young age which will further cause more problems in their adulthood.

physical development

1. Helps in their physical development

Outdoor games not only strengthen the kids muscles and imbibe physical strength but also improves their stamina and immunity. Kids who tend to play outdoor games get sick less often and have lesser risk of heart diseases, diabetes and of being obese. Fresh air and sunshine provides them natural Vitamin D and improves respiratory functions.

Outdoor games

2. Boosts creativity

Arts and crafts are not the only way to get creative. Even outdoor games can increase a child’s imagination skills. It is stimulating to be outdoor surrounded by nature, watching trees, butterflies and other wonders of nature. Since children are instinctively curious beings, their curiosity also helps in developing their mind when they play.

3. Increases Social skills

Outdoor games

Playing with kids in the playground and talking effectively with other children can develop social skills in your child. But if they spend too much time indoors, they are likely to be fearful of interactions and cave into their shells. Outdoor games can help them learn communication skills without even realizing it.

4. Helps in personality development.

If you feel that your child is missing out on a lot of things, it is time to urge them to play an outdoor game. You can have them put in sports class whether it is football, cricket or anything of their choice, but it will help them learn sportsmanship. It also teaches them how to deal with tough situations in a better manner.

Outdoor games

5. Strengthens motor skills

Outdoor games help in developing the motor skills in kids. It improves their hand-eye coordination, gives them more flexibility and balance. It improves their concentration as well and lets them focus better even in academics.

6. Healthy lifestyle

Being physically active is also part of leading a healthy lifestyle and kids who involve themselves in more outdoor games lead a better and well-balanced life. They end up being more decisive.  They become better at risk assessment as well.

Even excess of everything can be bad and so is the case with playing outdoor games as well. Everything should be done in moderation and outdoor games can also end up being dangerous for the kid in terms of physical strain and injury.

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