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Dealing With Video Game Craze Of Your Kids

Video games are the craze among kids. Recently, Fortnight has taken the generation by the storm and more and more kids are spending hours in front of the screen. Screen addiction is dangerous but video games can lead to much worse circumstances. Yes, playing games is important for better hand-eye coordination and greater analytical skills.

  1. When They’re Bored, Get Active

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Kids play video games for most of the day because they feel bored. It’s your job as a parent to indulge them in different activities so they do not feel the need to play video games all day. It is an important disciplinary act to make your kids help in house chores on a daily basis. Moreover, motivate them to explore other activities, based on their interests. Let them draw, dance or encourage them to go out with their friends.

  1. Sports Is A Great De-Addiction Activity

Athletic kids

Kids who are getting addicted to screens should be motivated to play sports. See what kind of game your kid is playing and on the basis of that, find compatible sports activity. Let them feel the real life thrill of being in action on the field. But motivating does not mean pushing and being stubborn about it. If your kid is not interested in sports, there is no point enforcing your will. Instead, let them find other hobbies.

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  1. Dedicate Time For Video Game Too

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Don’t just ask your kid to cut away from video game altogether. A healthy dosage of even virtual reality can be good for a child’s mind. Plan out your kid’s schedule and leave some time for video game as well. Even if it is unplanned, let them play video games whenever they wish, but do assert your will on how long they can play. Have some ground rules and don’t let them spend more than one hour a day in front of the screen.

4.Internet Is Filled With Possibilities

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If your kid does like spending more and more time online, playing games and chatting to strangers about the game, as is the trend with PubG and Fortnight, make your kid aware about other uses of internet. They can learn many new skills using the internet. But do it in a way that appeals to them. If your kid likes action figurines, let him learn how they are made.

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  1. Break The Pattern

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Whatever pattern your kid has gotten used to, whether it is playing video game right before sleep or jumping on gadgets as soon as he gets home, try breaking it. Tell your kid to do it at some other time. If he makes video games a part of his habit, it will be very hard to break that habit without changing the pattern.

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Dr. S.K. Jain
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