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Channel your kid’s curiosity

Kids have a sharp memory, imaginative mind and a developing intelligence. With little concentration, they are able to learn just about anything. If you tell your kid about something, they are sure to question you further because they are curious. Irrespective of their age, this need to always know more exists in children. This curiosity is a good sign for your child’s development. It means that your child wishes to grow by learning more and more about the world.

You must have experienced this as well. Whenever your kid comes up to you with a new thought or query. Why do stars twinkle? Why are there only 365 days in a year? Why are some things green and other things blue? This is a tendency of kids. Even school-going children would have further curiosity about the matter they have studied.


Nowadays, it has become easier for parents to answer these queries because of the availability of internet. But you need to channel your child’s curiosity properly. Your behaviour and attitude towards their curiosity will determine their growth. You cannot put a stop to the keenness of your child since it is human nature and they are, in fact, heading the right way. Their will to explore will lead them further in life. You have to ensure how you can make concepts clearer for them keeping their age in mind.You might also help them in learning the answer themselves. Like, when my daughter came up to me everyday asking me the meaning of one difficult word or the other, I told her how to search for the words in the dictionary. This proved to be a lot of help since she learnt how to find words herself, leaving me without the hassle of explaining things. But if you are not a responsive parent, the queries will keep on piling in your child’s head.


It is a parent’s job to determine whether their child’s thought-chain is heading in the right direction and they can do this by listening to the queries. Yes, there may come a time when your kid asks something awkward or uncomfortable that you believe is not relevant for their age. They might have heard something in passing reference and gotten curious. This is why it becomes a parent’s job to be extra careful in passing down knowledge on sensitive things.

Curiosity can also showcase at an early stage what field your kid is interested in. If your kid also has a knack for that field and some natural talent, then you can help them carve down a path for themselves. You can identify their choices and help them hone their skills in a positive manner. So, curiosity is actually a good sign that your child loves exploring new ideas.


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