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What must-have items parents cannot live without?

Products exist for making lives of people easier. Without these items, parenting would be much harder than it already is.

1. Baby carrier

baby carrier

This is one of the items that new parents cannot live. Baby carriers, whether they are in the form of slings, Hug-a-Bub wrap or Baby Bjorn carrier, are great to wear and help you carry the baby everywhere, while they sleep, while you are working or going for a walk.

2. Baby wipes Baby wipes

Baby wipes are not just meant to take care of your baby’s bottom or to protect it from rashes though it is the main reason people buy wipes. Baby wipes are a lifesaver when it comes to spills, stains and if you have a messy kid to take care of.

3. Bouncer, rocker or swing

 Baby rocker

When there is a baby attached to your hip, you cannot get any work done no matter how hard working you may be. As such, you have to buy a rocker or a swing to keep your little one occupied for a while especially when you are having a shower or preparing meal. When your baby grows, you might want to shift to a jumper instead.

4. Swaddle

 Baby swaddle

Swaddling is important to make your kid fall right asleep. Make sure that you do not wrap too tightly and allow enough freedom of movement of both arms an knees. It is a savior if you have a kid who just won’t stop crying.

5. Baby monitor

Baby monitors are a product that almost every household has started having in their homes. You cannot always be in the same room as your baby. As such, these baby monitors help you keep an eye on your little one. You can invest in an audio monitor or even a video monitor. Many advanced monitors are available in the market which also monitors the baby’s breathing patterns and movement of the body.

6. Breast pump

 Breast pump

Breast pumps are so important for breastfeeding mothers. They let you be a bit apart from your child while still breastfeeding them. A good breast pump can reduce the pain in your breasts.

7. Pram

 Baby pram

A pram is something you can use every day. You can fold it and stash it or unfold it and use it. It is a major investment though so you have to make the decision wisely what kind of a pram do you want. If you want a jogger pram, it will help you get out of the house every once in a while too. But the choice of pram does depend on your child.


The number of nappies you are going to need in the first year alone is too much. Without these items parenting can be hard.

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