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Delayed Growth In Kids : Symptoms and Causes

The growth of human beings is necessary, we all grow to a certain age and then stops and delayed growth. We start growing from the day we are born to become an adult. The process of baby growth is very complex and long. A child must have to go through these processes in order to grow physically.

But what if, the baby growth stops or gets slowed down? There are several factors that affect the growth of an individual. These factor works combined to alter the rate of growth. Several hormones play a major role in this. If any of the children is comparatively smaller than the rest of the kids belonging from the same age group. Then, this is a medical issue. We can say that the child is suffering from any medical condition when the kid is smaller than more than 90 percent of the kids form the same age group.

How hormones do affect the Baby Growth rate?

There are mainly a few hormones in our body that affects the growth rate of the human body.

Growth hormone (GH)



The Growth hormone is mainly responsible for the growth of our body length as well as the weight. The GH alters the growth rate by RNA manipulation. The hyper and hyposecretion of the Growth Hormone can lead to Dwarfism or Gigantism respectively. The Growth Hormone is secreted by the Pituitary gland which is situated at the bottom of the Hypothalamus. Inside a bony cage, Sela tursica. The secretion of the Growth hormone is controlled by Hypothalamus.

There are several other ways of diagnosing delayed growth.

Symptoms of delayed growth

delayed growth

If the child’s height is about normal, but the rate is very slow. For example, normal kids take 5 months to Baby grow up to 3 inches. But your child is taking 7-8 months then it is a medical issue.

If there is any sign of the abnormal length of legs or hands of the child. The length of the hands and legs may be short than the normal range.

The abnormal size of the face which may lead to the younger look of the child. This will be due to the incorrect secretions of growth hormone.

The blood in stool and vomiting is also a susceptible thing. The delayed growth rate may also be due to any disease in the stomach or intestine.

Reasons for Delayed Growth

delayed growth

There are several reasons but few of them are major which are listed below.

The family tree

This can be one of the major reasons behind the delayed growth. Maybe there are recessive genes present in the family tree. Maybe the forefathers of the child were short and now the recessive genes are expressed in the child.

Abnormal secretion of Growth Hormone

The Growth hormone is primarily responsible for the growth in the human body. The abnormal range of this hormone will lead to disturbed or delayed growth.

Under secretion of thyroxine hormone or Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid gland present in the neck is not active. The less secretion of thyroxine hormone leads to a low metabolic rate which is responsible for delayed growth.

Treatment for Delayed Baby growth

The treatment plan of the delayed growth is very vast and there are several ways. It depends upon the reason due to which there is delayed growth.

If it is due to the genetic causes then gene therapy is used.

If the delayed growth rate is due to the deficiency of any hormone. Then doctors provide some medicines to fulfill the hormone deficiency.

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