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Discipline and your child

Developing discipline in our children is becoming increasingly difficult in our present times when physical punishments are aptly frowned upon.

However, children are wild spirits which is what they should be. That being so, we must discipline them at times and concerning certain things.

Here we bring you list tips that can help you in this troublesome chore:


  1. Be calm though firm when talking to your children. Maintain the tone in your words and features that you desire in your children. Children learn much more by imitation than by listening.

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2. Not every little act of mischievous should be punished. Children should have some independence given to them in which to enjoy their childhood. It is thus imperative that you can ignore their behavior even if it is bad, as long as they are not doing something harmful.

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3. Your best strategy is thus to set very clear, well-defined limits and making sure your child understands them. The models for proper behavior should always be set in advance along with limits. Never punish your child for a behavior that you had not already told her or him to be bad.

4. Not only should you make your child knows limits, but also ensure that the child knows the consequences of their crossing those limits. The punishment should be undesirable for your child but not something harmful or hurting the child. To take away their favorite toy for a day is okay, to take away their meal is not. These consequences must be administered without any kindness. Don’t let your child emotionally blackmail you into cutting short the punishment or they won’t take you seriously.


5. Listen to what they have to say in their self-defense. Your attention is the most important thing you can give to your child and they must, under no account, be deprived of it. Their perspective of things must never be ignored – and must be corrected through calm verbal arguments if it is incorrect.

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6. Praise them for their good behavior and be very specific in your praises as to what they are getting praised for. However, praises should be slow to come and not too frequently given or it would either lose its value or expected at every deed.


7. Give them something to do. An empty mind is the devil’s little home, especially if it be the mind of a child. Boredom can be a very real problem for children. Teach them new things, give them new tasks, let them learn new skills and arts.

8. Never punish your child physically or through verbal abuse. Not only are such punishments almost always ineffective, but they also have a reverse effect and might turn your child rebellious. If you indiscipline has got on your nerves, wait till you have calmed down before talking to the child. It is especially important as the child might come to fear your anger and such communication can affect your relations.

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