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Guiding your child to a better future- here’s how

In most parent-children relationships it is seen that one parent is strict and the other is a bit lenient. If both are of the same nature then the child suffers one way or the other. Childhood is  crucial time in one’s life and a parent must know what is going on in the child’s life. But to support the child in the right manner, you must have both friendliness and authority.

Body Image:


We might think that children do not start thinking about their body image until they hit puberty but the truth is that for some kids their appearance matters from a young age. They would keep trying to find ways to look smart and attractive. You must guide them that appearances are not as important as inner beauty and though they must look presentable, they should not do so at the cost of their health, both physical and mental. Some kids may stop eating certain foods since they think it will make them put on weight. But you must explain that all food contains different nutrients and vitamins and even fats are essential for the body.

Be confident enough:

Children in capes

Low self-esteem may cause children to be low on confidence. All children are not alike. Some may be extroverts while others may be shy. Some may be more social than others. Teach your kid how to trust themselves and develop self-respect. They must learn to be confident.

Stay away from Drugs and Alcohol:


It needs to be instilled in your child that drugs and alcohol are not things that they should indulge in to be “cool”.  They must be told the dangers of keeping bad company and in today’s time it is impossible for one to not be surrounded by these stuff. They must be guided towards making right choices and taking right decisions.

The Peer pressure:


Youngsters face more peer pressure than adults. Your child must know not to stress themselves  because such pressure will not decide their life. They must try to do their best and not be bothered about what others are saying.


kids budgeting

Financing is an important part of everyone’s life and whether your kid has just started getting their allowance or are old enough to get their first job, you must teach them how to handle financial stress. Guide them towards proper budgeting and teach them the golden rule of saving and investing.

A parent is always the first and best guide for a child but before guiding your child, you must ensure that you are not being too authoritative or controlling. You must not intervene in your child’s life and only advise them on matters so they can learn to take decisions.

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