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How to get your children to do Homework?

Children do not wish to complete their homework and as parents we feel the need to take on the responsibility for making sure that they do their homework on time. This creates a power-struggle between kids and the parents. But here are some tips to help in getting your kid to do homework:


  1. Set up a homework-spot which is free from all distractions, is well-lit, has all the supplies needed and schedule a regular study time after taking to your child. Some children may like it better in the afternoon with some snacks and others may want to wait till after dinner.


2.Help them manage it. Ask your child about homework every day and instead of forcing them to finish it, manage it with them. If it is a hefty assignment, help them break it into small portions of manageable work which you can schedule with them.


3.Help, make suggestions, but do not do the work for them. Let them make mistakes and learn from them. But unless you allow them the independence to finish the work themselves, they won’t learn. Overlook, but do not supervise.


4. Praise their work, not just in front of them but in front of others too. If they have done good in an assignment or aced a test, compliment them and showcase it on the refrigerator for everyone to see.


5. If your kid is still having problems with homework, attend parent-teacher meetings and talk to their teacher about it. Take suggestions about how to help them do their homework.

6.Motivate them by asking about quizzes, encourage them when they finish their homework with an incentive. Monitor their work and make sure that you are there if they have any queries or concerns.

7.If your child procrastinates with homework and leaves everything to the last minute, let them know that there will be no fun activity until they finish the work.

8.Create to-do lists for their assignments and set reminders so they know in how much time they have to get the work done before every break. If you see them taking longer than usual, cut short the break from 15 mins to 10 mins.

9.Some kids just rush with homework without putting in much effort. In such a situation, it is important for you to monitor the assignment, go over it with your child and explain to them how important it is for them to do their work thoroughly.

10.Make it a habit for your child to do something study-related every day.

The last thing you can do is set a good example for them. Let them see you doing your work systematically, planning budgets and everything.

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