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How To Make Your Child A Free Thinker

Every parent dreams of seeing their child grow up to be confident and independent but the only way they will be able to do that is if they are nurtured from a young age to be free-thinkers. You have to ensure that your children know the difference between right and wrong and are able to take decisions.

Here are some things that will help your child grow up to be a free-thinker and an open-minded, well-adjusted individual:

1. Instill values that matter:

good valuesYou have to instill good values in your child from a  young age to be a free thinker. And good values are always rooted in morality. Your child must be made aware of the social surroundings and their responsibility towards it. They should be able to develop their own opinion on the basis of what they understand about the world.

2. Help them become decision-makers:

decision makerThey should learn how to see a situation from all angles before coming to a conclusion and taking a decision.

3. Don’t follow the herd:

The world needs more thinkers and inventors than followers. So teach your child to think outside the box.

4. To Negotiate:

they should learn how to negotiate without getting swayed to any side and on the other hand, not being completely adamant on one thing. They should also learn that all actions have consequences and all their decisions will have a bearing on their life which they should be ready for.

5. Non-violent:

They should be non-violent in both their actions and thoughts and they must respect the opinions of others. They should not live the life with unlimited expectations but work hard to achieve the things they dream of.

6. Do not Control your child’s life too much:

kids control

Your child should learn to be independent from a young age and that can only happen when you allow them to live their life. Do not have too many expectations from them or try to live your dream through your kids. Let them be individuals with their own thoughts and wishes. If you compare them with others or how you expect them to be, they will live their life measuring themselves against an impossible standard. Tell them how important uniqueness is and so let their unique qualities remain as is.

7. High EQ over IQ:

Yes, being smart and intelligent in today’s time is important but one must not forget to be human with emotions and feelings. The more empathetic your child grows to be, the kinder and more compassionate they will be. Finding the right balance between IQ and EQ is important and it is the responsibility of parents to develop these.

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