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How to deal with kids when they do back-talk?

Since you gave birth to a child, you would expect that they would listen to what you say, obey you and understand you when try to say something that will benefit them in their adulthood. When kids do back-talk it can be very annoying for parents. It is normal but not easy to deal with.

There are many reasons why kids might back-talk which is why before redressing the issue, it is important to understand the cause of it. The basic cause is that they are tired or hungry. But other than that, it can be because they want to test boundaries of how far they can stretch your limits. Another reason can be them trying to get a hold on their own life. They wish to control parts of what they do, what they wear etc.

So, this is what you should do in case you end up dealing with back-talk:

Do not lose your calm


It can be easy to be strict or react immediately with a retort but that can only make difficult in future as it would set an angsty tone in conversations. If you wish that your child gets disciplined instead of getting into conflict every time they back-talk then you should respond calmly. Be a model of good behavior so they learn it too.

Establish Expected Behavior


Teach them to be clear and precise from the beginning. They should know better to use or yell certain aggravating phrases. And do not excuse rude behavior when you see it. If you let their bad behavior slip a couple of times, they will learn to expect your indifference and continue doing the same things.

Look for Patterns

When does you child back-talk more often? Is it when they come back from school? Is there a graver reason behind the back-talk?  Perhaps. Whether it is lack of proper sleep or any other trigger, sometimes preventing the trigger can prevent the problem as well.

Give Respect

You cannot demand respect until you give it too. When your child is expressing his point of view, you must listen and try to be understanding. Just tell them to do it in a politer manner. Your kid is allowed to have their own thoughts but if you scold them every time he tries to speak his mind, he will remain fearful of speaking up. Balance the respect and let them know that if you are being respectful, they need to be too.

Praise Good Behavior

Cute little girl and her handsome father are giving high five and smiling while sitting in kitchen at home. Dad is holding a cup

Another way to get rid of back-talk is to appreciate good behavior and punish bad behavior. When kids feel appreciated for something, they are likely to follow the same path.

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